PHILUSA Corporation recognized as one of Asia’s Best Performing Companies

MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PHILUSA Corporation, a marketing and distribution company of world-class quality yet affordable personal, baby, home, and healthcare products in the Philippines, has been recognized as one of Asia’s Best Performing Companies in the recently held Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr. Neogin A. Evangelista, President of Philusa Corporation, recognized at the ACES Awards 2019 as one of “Asia’s Best Performing Companies”.

The MORS Group stated that the Asia’s Best Performing Company award recognizes high performing enterprises that have shown tremendous growth in revenue and are on the same path to becoming the future giant corporations of Asia. Aside from steady revenue growth, the accolade is given to businesses that connect with consumers in seizing business opportunities.

PHILUSA Corporation has gained market leadership in the distribution of accessible and affordable products to cater to Filipinos’ daily needs such as healthcare, home care, wound care, and baby care. Through its renowned RHEA Generics, PHILUSA has been providing trusted uni-brand of quality and affordable generic medicines for generations of Filipinos for more than 40 years — a feat in the healthcare industry.

The company also engages in corporate social responsibility initiatives, with healthcare being at the heart of these activities. These projects include providing free medicines and other products in partnership with organizations such as the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines Cares Foundation, the Manila Water Foundation, and the Mercury Drug Foundation.

Neogin Evangelista, President and General Manager of PHILUSA, shared that the award is a proof that the PHILUSA Corporation can expand its footprint in the healthcare industry. “Being recognized as one of Asia’s best performing companies reflects PHILUSA’s outstanding performance in being a leader in providing affordable and accessible healthcare products to the Filipino people. We have built a relationship with Filipino families from generation to generation, and we are looking forward to providing more quality and affordable products to families outside our country,” Evangelista said. “Our initiatives and efforts are bearing fruit, and we take pride into this achievement,” he added.

MORS Group’s chief executive officer, Shanggari Balakrishnan, said that Evangelista’s visionary leadership and compelling vision brought PHILUSA to where it is today. “He has successfully led his team towards this vision, earning, in turn, financial validation for the course he set the company on. Best of all, his leadership has resulted in more affordable, accessible medicine for his countrymen,” he elaborated.

Originally published in (Oct 10, 2019)

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