Philusa Corporation is driven by a deeper sense of social responsibility

Philusa Corporation

Philusa Corporation, one of the ACES Awards Best Performing Companies, provides world-class quality and affordably priced personal, baby, home and healthcare products, as well as affordable, accessible, high-quality generic medicines to citizens of the Philippines.

As an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and pharmaceutical manufacturer, the 63-year-old company has achieved market leadership in the categories of cotton-wool and buds, wound management, petroleum jelly, household cleaners and cooling gel.

It also successfully launched RHEA Generics, a brand of generic medicines developed in partnership with global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, namely Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK, Otsuka, Merck, and Fresenius Kabi.

These game-changing partnerships help Filipino patients to have access to world-class quality and affordably priced medicines.

President and chief executive officer Neogin Aguilar Evangelista said: “In the five years since I joined the company, we have grown the business by almost PHP 2.1 billion in gross revenue – from PHP 4 billion in 2013 to PHP 6.079 billion in 2018, representing a growth of more than 50 per cent.

“My dream when I inherited PHILUSA was to transform the company from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

“To accomplish this goal, we needed to change the people’s mindset from settling for current success to striving for potential growth and even more success. As a result, in five years, the company achieved more than it had in the 57 years it had been operating before I joined.”

The Binan, Laguna-born president believes that his employees – 245 permanent and 1,050 outsourced – view the company as more than a successful business.

“As a whole, the company is driven by a deeper sense of social responsibility, knowing that we provide world-class quality and affordably priced products,” he said.

Originally published in The Business Times (Oct 08, 2019)

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