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Zensar Technologies

Industry Champion Of The Year


About zensar

“Our open door culture encourages free and frank exchange of views resulting in an improved work environment and increased productivity. ”

Zensar Technologies is a technology partner of choice for global organizations looking to strategically transform, grow, and lead in today’s challenging business environment.

Backed by a strong track-record of innovation, over 8000 associates and footprint in 29 global locations, Zensar’s comprehensive range of software services and solutions enable its 400+ forward-looking customers to cross new thresholds of business performance.

The Company owing to its growth in recent times has moved up the NASSCOM listing of Software Service Companies in India to #13 this year. This is reiterated in the Porter’s Prize for Best Strategic Management in the Information, Media and Telecom Industries that has been bestowed upon the Company. A noted publication, Dataquest in its Top 200 listing has rated Zensar 20 notches higher this year, given its performance.

Zensar operates in the US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Singapore and Australia regions and has delivery centers in India (Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore), China,UK, Amsterdam and US (Westborough). Zensar is the world’s first enterprise-wide SEI CMM Level 5 Company.

The Company has a services portfolio that ranges from the traditional to the transformational – across service lines of Management Consulting, Business Application Services, Enterprise Solutions, Enterprise Collaboration Services, Testing and Assurance Services, BPM and Infrastructure Management Services. Zensar’s experience across industries of Retail,Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare and others translate into a differentiated value ••
proposition and faster time-to-market for clients. Our capability in infrastructure-oriented services ranges from remote infrastructure management to end user computing to data centre services and security and compliance. Zensar is now leading the way in powering next-generation enterprises with its cloud,mobility and social media solutions.

The Company has been recognized for its exceptional service capabilities and industry-leading solutions, and has bagged prestigious awards in areas such as R&D, people practices, CSR programs and sustainability initiatives. Zensar’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs focus on creating sustainable development and livelihood for local communities.

At Zensar, we see Innovation as a clear differentiator. Innovation, along with focus on deep, long-lasting client relationships and strong domain expertise, drives every facet of our day-to-day operation. For our clients, it translates into strategic business value and for us, into consistent financial performance – Zensar clocked 25.3 percent average revenue growth over the last five years.

We believe in leveraging the power of innovation to seize new opportunities. So, employees are encouraged to challenge opinions and ideas, and to push the boundaries of what is possible. Different perspectives that arise out of Zensar’s world culture – entailing diversity of gender, region, nationality, background, or education – blend to transform every vision into reality. Our Global Delivery Model, defined by robust service capabilities and the ability to source best talent from across the world, is backed by 24X7X365 support. The result: Superior value for clients.

Diversity At Zensar

Diversity at Zensar is to uncover new perspectives, by tapping knowledge and experience from associates across the organization to help generate innovative ideas, and contribute to the growth of the organization. Zensar looks at workplace diversity as an investment towards building a better business. At Zensar there are strong links between diversity and inclusion strategies, Zensar is a global company with a workforce of over 7000 associates and growing and over 20 nationalities spread across in delivery centres in six countries across the world.

Our diversity and inclusion program embraces employees of different gender, age, nationality, backgrounds, experiences and physical ability. As an equal opportunity employer, we promote a culture of meritocracy. However, it is not the geographic spread but the D&I initiatives in play that are a driving force behind Zensar’s collaborative and inclusive cult.

We have associates representation in policy planning, implementation and monitoring through sessions such WE – Women for Excellence. We also implement strategies aimed at raising awareness and understanding about diversity issues, including: anti-bullying policies; flexible working policies; Work from home; Time Offs; relocation policy; referral policy; anti-sexual harassment policy; complaints and safety at work policies and procedures; recording and management information systems to measure progress against equality goals.

We strongly believe in workplace diversity as it provides tremendous benefits in terms of improved morale, outside-the-box thinking, greater teamwork, and an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.
Zensarians Around the world:

Zensar’s associates’ strength comprises 22.7% women employees. Diversity is also balanced with regards to age with over 45% of the company’s associates below the age group of 30. At Zensar, we also believe that diversity helps maximize opportunities to achieve our business goals by:

• attracting, retaining, and developing the very best talent
• Increasing employee engagement and productivity
• Delivering to the customer, together as one team
• Seizing opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation
• Growing our business through our informed understanding of the diverse markets in which we operate

We implement Diversity through the following – initiatives: Advancement of women:
Over the last 2 decades the number of women employee entering the workforce has increased dramatically. Hence the diverse policies should be committed to understand their needs and providing services that make it possible for them to be productive while fulfilling family and personal obligations.

Equal employment opportunity: We take a holistic approach towards recruitment process.
Striving at all times to identify and recruit the most diverse pool of qualified candidates. Integration of people with disability: We develop strategies which would facilitate recruitment of people with disability. We are also planning to hire trained recruiters for this purpose.
Cultural acceptance:
We hire people who have the personality, talent, and background necessary to fill a given job profile, regardless of race, color and creed. At Zensar individuality, creativity, innovation and flexibility are celebrated and this creates enormous diversity which brings in ‘world culture’ to the organization and equips it to be true transformation partner to global corporations.

Platforms to promote Diversity: Women for Excellence (WE):
Women for Excellence (WE) is an interactive forum that facilitates discussion, dialogue among women to discover their inherent potential and fuel their desire for excellence. WE meet(s) every quarter to debate, discuss and share experiences with successful men and women who have realized their dreams and have achieved success.

Open Door Culture:
Zensar believes in creating an environment, which encourages free and frank exchange of views, fostering interactions & discussions on ideas and issues, to improve the work environment and thus increase our productivity.

We encourage Associates to express their views openly without any fear of retribution, thus embracing and fostering the culture of openness and participation. We have the following forums, which encourage active participation:

EBM – Every Body Meetings:
Every Body Meetings are open sessions for face time for Associates with the management team and are held every 6 six months in different locations. The associates can interact with the senior management and discuss issues regarding the company’s growth and future plans.

Pizza and Coke Meetings:
There are lunch meetings where random cross sections of Associates are invited to meet a member of the Management team and discuss of common interest. Such forums encourage open communication and bring about a participative culture.

Vision Community:
The Vision Community is Zensar’s signature D&I initiative where cross-functional teams across levels in the organization contribute to the strategy building exercise of the organization. The success of Vision Community has been documented in Harvard Journals as a case study as well. The platform is a great opportunity for every associate to contribute in building the organization and interacting with the leadership team in exchange of ideas and thoughts.

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