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“An Exemplar of Education”

Thailand’s Wellington College International School Bangkok operates as an education business through and through.

Wellington College International School Bangkok entered the education scene in Thailand in 2018 as a co-educational day school that follows the British National curriculum, and caters to Thai and foreign students aged between 2 to 18. Its mission is to make the world a better place by providing unrivalled English-medium education to Thai and international young people, and to teach them how to flourish and become inspired, intellectual, independent, individual, and inclusive adults.

Although Wellington College in the UK is proudly non-profit, it operates franchises for a limited number of partners worldwide to finance bursaries for talented students globally. A for-profit business, Wellington College Bangkok, for instance, supports Thailand and Thai students in similar ways, such as through scholarships and professional development opportunities for teachers. Additionally, it promotes Thai culture by including the Thai language as part of its syllabus, and aids the development of young athletes on the global stage.

Among the institution’s many milestones, Wellington College Bangkok completed a THB500M construction of its senior school building in 2021, and emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic with a growing market share. In 2022, the school achieved a 40% growth in student admissions, and later began capturing operating profit in 2023. Moving forward, the institution strives to be the British school of choice in Thailand and the region, and aims to open further schools in a neighbouring countries.

In citing student recruitment and retention of high-quality staff, as well as balancing investments in operating resources with a capital development of the campus, as its biggest challenges, Wellington College Bangkok is ensuring sustainability through strong financial systems and controls, investment in teaching staff, a clear vision, and streamlined leadership. Furthermore, the institution’s well-networked Board of Directors and Master, on top of its membership across various industry confederations, ensures that it remains well-informed on developments within the market and industry.

Wellington College Bangkok’s unique advantage is that it offers distinctive pathways for its students in pursuit of their own goals, driven by the Harkness method. This discussion-based approach focuses on the physical and experiential side of learning, and in light of this, the classrooms at the institution are part of the learning experience. It also furthers this idea with a campus design that offers a unique locus for experience based on “living your life well”.

Wellington College Bangkok is targeted to grow larger over the next five years, with an expansion of the campus underway, as well as increasing student numbers to a steady state of 1600. The institution’s focus will remain on retaining the School’s mission and values while delivering world-class teaching and learning. No matter its endeavours, it strongly affirms that it is an education business, rather than being a business whose product is education.

Internally, the institution is equally as ardent regarding the development of its staff in and out of the classroom. Leveraging support from its mother school in the UK as well as other partners, Wellington College Bangkok provides training to its staff across diverse areas. In addition, the School supports various charities in Thailand and provides assistance to a Thai school through fundraising and in-person engagements between teachers and students.

Named one of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs by Asia’s Corporate Leadership and Sustainability Awards (ACES), Wellington College Bangkok seeks to be regarded as an outstanding exemplar of a highly competent business practice. Beyond being the right school for children, the institution commands respect for its ethical considerations, as well as community engagement and support – a representation of all the best values of 21st century Asian democracy.

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