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English is arguably the most important language to learn. As the language of business, education, science, technology, travel, international communication and the Internet, it is certainly the most useful language to learn, with an increasing number of adults around the world taking lessons to gain proficiency.

In Indonesia, the leading provider of English language education for adults is Wall Street English Indonesia (WSE-ID). WSE-ID is the Indonesian franchise of Wall Street English (WSE), the world’s foremost English language training network for adults and corporate clients, which was established in 1972, is currently present in over 30 countries and has served more than 3 million students. Within the global WSE network, however, WSE-ID has gained a reputation as being the most innovative and forward-thinking of all WSE franchisees.

WSE-ID began operations in 2007 with the aim of helping Indonesians get ahead in life through the use of English. To date, it counts over 50,000 alumni across the country. While the company has been very successful in helping Indonesians speak English with confidence, communicate effectively and avail themselves to the opportunities that English proficiency brings, it became necessary to adapt to a more competitive environment and an evolved local customer demand. 

Therefore, in 2017, WSE-ID embarked upon a journey of major transformation, one that required an overhaul of its entire business model. From being just a language provider that sold English courses, WSE-ID made the strategic move to offer a lifestyle-based experience to its students with the sale of “memberships”, facilitated by the use of technology. If one thought WSE was already offering students an immersive experience, WSE-ID was able to show that by thinking outside the box, something that was already working well can be made to work even better. To pull this off, however, required changing the mindsets and study culture of Indonesians as well as significant digital transformation, from the back-end to sales and marketing. Not only was WSE-ID prepared to take on these challenges, it went on to successfully overcome them and implement the changes.

Under its revised business model, students are offered a number of membership plans and options:

  1. WSE Club – provides members online and offline access to its classes, resources and services, including Encounter Classes (semi-private classes), Complementary Classes, Social Club, Chat Hour (conversation master class), WSE Community, Digital Learning Platform with multimedia lessons and digital workbooks, and many more. Members can also visit all WSE centres and branches in Indonesia and take advantage of exclusive areas at the centres, namely the VIP lounge.
  2. WSE X – provides offline-only learning and access to services that are available at the WSE centres, such as Social Club, Chat Hour, Complementary Classes, WSE Community and other centre-only events. With the focus solely on offline activity, online classes and digital products are not included under this membership.
  3. WSE Go – it stands for Wall Street English Goes Online and is the latest addition that was launched in response to the COVID-19 lockdowns. It provides flexible, effective and 100% online-only classes and services that guarantee unhindered access to learning. Members are eligible for lessons, Encounter Classes, Chat Hour, Digital Learning Platform and all other products that can be delivered online. It does not include offline classes and services or provide access to the WSE centres.

Both WSE Club and WSE Go are available with VIP options that provide one-on-one private classes with a dedicated VIP coach, more flexibility with schedules and invitations to exclusive online events.

Regardless of the membership plan a student chooses, WSE-ID’s method of teaching is the same for all and comprises two parts – academic and lifestyle – that work together to promote natural language acquisition. The academic component is based on WSE’s core Blended Learning method. It is built upon the principles of the “flipped classroom”, which combines app-based self-study and class-based teaching in small groups, either in person or online. 

The Blended Learning method works because it offers students the best of both worlds – the flexibility of studying anytime and anywhere on their own terms, with personalised support and guidance from qualified staff, and the opportunity to socialise, network and broaden perspectives with people who share similar interests and opinions. So confident is WSE-ID in its method that it offers a money-back guarantee – the only language training company in Indonesia to do so. It is no surprise that the method has won WSE multiple international awards, including the Impact Award for Best Digital Education Series from the Internet Marketing Association in 2015, and the Education Platform of the Year honour at the 2019 Asia Education Investor Awards.

The lifestyle component consists of daily teacher-led social activities and four communities that WSE-ID built based on its member demographics. This component is also delivered in-centre or online. The four communities have been carefully crafted to give like-minded individuals an opportunity to bond over shared interests. LEAP, which stands for Learn, Experiment, Active and Playful, is for those aged 16-18 who are in high school and university; the Syndicate is for those seeking to grow their careers and professional network; CRE-8 is to nurture and inspire those with a creative bent to think out of the box; and Re-charge is for those that prioritise mind, body and soul rejuvenation. All of WSE-ID’s centres include its proprietary Social Club café, which serves as a communal gathering point for members to socialise whilst practicing their English.

There are surely more good tidings ahead for WSE-ID as the company forges on with its mission to make Indonesians more competitive locally and internationally through English while fortifying its position as the leading language “club” for Indonesians who want to succeed in life. With its ability to adapt quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic, WSE-ID was able to further extend its digital transformation and grow its member base by more than 50% throughout the period. The company now has members across the nation and even counts Indonesians living outside the country as members. This success is a testament of its culture of resilience and agility, and shows why it is the best performing WSE business globally throughout the pandemic.

“Wall Street English Indonesia is not just a company that provides centres for teaching English. The goal for its students is long term. To equip them with the necessary tools today so that they can build better lives tomorrow for themselves, their communities and eventually their country.

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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