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One company’s mission to turn back job obsoletion.

A Human Capital Solutions company, Viventis Search Asia was established in 2001 in the City of Pasig, starting off as a staffing and recruiting company with the aim of finding the right talent using its competitive capabilities, know-hows and matching savviness. Today, as some jobs begin to become obsolete, the organisation leads the pivotal movement from transactional recruitment to a career-centric and people first approach to help build the future of career creation for both job seekers and organisations.
Boasting a customer base of 1,445 the organisation has found that this shift in focus has enabled individuals to move into new career roles swiftly, and helps organisations with their transition into the new artificial intelligence and technology driven environment.

With the current environment more competitive than ever, the biggest challenge the organisation faces is the emergence of mobile, artificial intelligence-enabled apps for highly intelligent and strategic recruitment. Secondly they are faced with preparing and enabling the current workforce to adjust to the immensely disruptive business environment, technology, and lastly the building of stronger candidate relations.

These challenges only served as prime motivation to meet the demands of the thriving human capital market. Hence, they have developed ‘The Future of Career Creation,’ a unique strategy that looks at career well being as the focal point in managing and fortifying careers of job seekers and professionals who are looking for further growth. Building on this model, the organisation has structured their business into three core pillars of Talent Attraction, Talent Development, and Career Technology.
Putting into place a clear ten-year execution plan, the organisation envisions itself as being the first career-centric business and leader in the industry, with a large geographic coverage across Asia Pacific, with a further aim to expanding towards the United States and Europe as well, culminating in an IPO to fund the whole transformation, and grow the business around the world.

Viventis Search Asia’s mission is to be experts in advising their clients and candidates on integrative career solutions across talent attraction, leadership consulting and culture shaping; whilst their vision is to become the market leader for career creation, operating in key gateway cities within the Asia Pacific Region by 2020.

Having built a commendable reputation in the industry, the organisation has achieved several milestones in its 17 years of operations. It started in rebuilding their business into one entirely focused Executive Search, leading to the building up of their search expertise in the BPO and Consumer Goods industries. As client expectations increased, they developed capabilities in rapid volume hiring and further grew from 25 people to about 80 people. Eventually, they expanded their expertise across all industry markets. In 2014, they opened their main office, their directly owned investment at Mercure Hotel. 2017 was a year of transition, rewriting the organisation’s future roadmap around ‘The Future of Career Creation’ as they prepare for the fourth industrial revolution.
Viventis Search Asia believes that building a future-proof workforce that is adaptable, flexible, and agile is vital in order to easily respond to mindset and culture changes, and is vital to keeping pace with the constantly changing business landscape. The heart of the organisation’s business is all about people and career well being, and it foresees a world that will marry the best adoption of technology to enhance the new civilisation of mankind.

r To prepare for this internally, they offer two-thrust learning and development programmes – the formal career based training, and their very own Internal Recruitment Academy wherein it teaches its career consultants all aspects of recruitment and the utilization of technology.

r Success doesn’t happen overnight – it is a convergence of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and ambition. This success wouldn’t be possible without the people who have believed and continue to support the organisation’s endeavors. That’s why receiving the Aces Awards is more than just a feather in their cap, it signifies the huge difference they have made to all the lives they have impacted for the better. For Viventis Search Asia, the Aces Awards s a tangible way to give something back to their hardworking staff, the candidates they advise, and to the clients who have been instrumental in the organisation’s journey through the years.

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