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“USAINS Group of Companies: Perseverance Beyond Limits”

USAINS is committed to evolving with the times and niche markets to make headway on growth.

The USAINS Group of Companies was established in 1988 as the corporate arm of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The Group offers consultancy, contract research, and talent development, and is responsible for managing USM’s diverse assets, such as properties, projects, programs, and enterprises, either directly or through key subsidiaries. Its main goal involves making a positive impact on USM and its surrounding community.

To date, USAINS serves over 500 clients, from small enterprises to multinational companies based in Malaysia, as well as public listed and international companies across USA and Europe. What gives the Group a distinct leverage over other similar businesses is that it extends quality services based on niche markets and as per the latest requirements of the industry, which evolves occasionally due to the rapid advancements in the technology cycle.

With a vision to be acknowledged as the main business of the USM community, USAINS’ mission is to strengthen the business propositions for the services they currently provide, either to or on behalf of, the university and industry. The Group also intends to identify and develop new business propositions for consideration, whereby either USAINS and/or USM shall invest in, so as to generate new income streams and sustain its cash flow.

USAINS, which captured up to MYR46.7 million in revenue since incorporation, has generated at least MYR15.8 million in income for USM thus far. Its subsidiaries Usains Infotech Sdn Bhd and Usains Healthcare (Formally known as Usains Tech Services) have also brought about revenues of MYR13.7 million and MYR17.4 million respectively. More recently, USAINS handled the expansion of Hospital USM Executive Health Services (EHS) at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, multiplying its bed count from 10 to 40 beds and garnering MYR38 million in sales, which is the best yet since its inception.

As with every business, USAINS isn’t without its challenges and indicates that the slow economic recovery is putting a damper on the demand for many of its training programs. Therefore, USAINS pivoted its focus towards carrying out reskilling and upskilling programs funded by the government instead. Many employers consistently invest in learning and development programs for their employees, and this ultimately guarantees a demand.

Despite growing larger, USAINS ensures consistency in the delivery of its services in order to maintain its competitive edge. The Group also periodically upgrades its tech, implements novel marketing strategies, and pinpoints new ways of identifying underserved niches within the market in order to continue providing value to its clients, stay relevant, and remain unique.

Throughout the coming five years, USAINS emphasises on three pillars in order to keep an even course. Firstly, it will prioritise sustainability through a data-driven sustainability strategy that aligns with the Group’s values. The Group is also further advancing the differentiation of its products and services to bolster profits with above-average margins. Finally, USAINS diligently provides soft skill employee training to enhance their skill sets, enabling them to innovate based on current trends and reinforce the Group’s resilience.

As a future-forward business that places an inherent value on education, USAINS also emphasises on CSR involving learning. Amongst its many initiatives include supporting children of underprivileged families with their higher education and job placements upon graduation, and offering scholarship as well as endowment funds for students in need.

USAINS, which has been honoured as one of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs by ACES, expects more doors to be opened for new opportunities upon receiving this prestigious recognition. Not only does the ACES award boost the Group’s credibility and reputation, USAINS also aspires to capitalise on this win to elicit new partnerships and sales, and improve employee engagement and loyalty.

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Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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