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Admirably Uniq

Lao PDR’s UniqTek Co., Ltd emerges on top through conscientious operations and care.

UniqTek Co., Ltd was incorporated in 2014 in Lao PDR and is engaged in the geotechnical and engineering business. It supplies survey equipment for the land, UAV, mining, environmental, hydro power, and electrical-mechanical sectors, extends other surveying solutions as well as the installation of electric works, communication network, and network cabling, and is also the leading supplier of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) in the country.

At present, UniqTek serves clients ranging from multinational companies, government agencies and NGOs to developers, SMEs and farmers. Instead of engaging in price wars, the company stays ahead of its competitors by providing unrivalled value to clients, in which UniqTek regards as partners that drive mutual success and growth. This has allowed the company to look beyond sales and thoroughly focus on its clients’ interests, issues, and needs.

On that note, UniqTek aids clients not only by selling its products and services, but also by administering strategic counsel and training on the building of infrastructure for its equipment. This has culminated in the builds of digital base stations so existing and new clients can be pulled into its ecosystem. Further sharpening its competitive edge, UniqTek heavily invests in R&D and introduces new technologies miles ahead of the Lao market.

Another practice UniqTek stands by that has significantly boosted its market share is setting the industry standard within the country against global standards. Aside from dispatching staff for training overseas and integrating systematised SOPs and software, the company has availed multiple channels to service and support clients through a dynamic approach to its service, and goes as far as to educate the market on new innovations.

Besides being the only firm in Lao PDR appointed to help develop digital land management for the Department of Lands, UniqTek remains the only company to have installed Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in the country. The company, which grew from an 3-person team to that of over 100 within 8 years, also holds 95% of market share for RTK and drone products, and often serves as a government consultant in the making of new policies.

It is evident that UniqTek’s exceptional corporate governance is to be acknowledged for its growth and success. Yet, enduring COVID-19 culminated in a financial crisis and it had to quickly respond by adopting more online channels for communications and embracing work from home. Forging ahead, UniqTek sees the interconnectivity of different industries in the world of digitalisation, blockchain, and smart cities as a challenge it will be facing head on.

As an employer, UniqTek similarly values its staff the same way it does its clients. Boasting a high retention rate and exceedingly low turnover, the company offers revenue sharing across the organisation and inculcates a high-performing culture that encourages an open and honest exchange of information and feedback. Additionally, UniqTek offers in-house and external training programs, both locally and globally, as per their respective roles and personal goals.

In regards to CSR, UniqTek supports country-level activities instigated by the government, such as aiding with Environment Day as well as COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) and funding. The company also supports less fortunate communities by helping to enhance schools by financing books and partnering with universities to ensure teachers’ accessibility to high quality technology.

Securing the title as one of Asia’s Best Performing Companies by ACES certainly boosts UniqTek’s eminence on a regional and global standpoint. More notably, the company will leverage this triumph to forge ahead in advancing a sustainable company that invests in its people and operations. It also testifies to UniqTek’s conscientious way in which it treats its employees and clients with utmost respect and care.

“When you truly take care of your clients and employees, they will take care of your business. UniqTek Co., Ltd puts profit aside to look at the bigger picture and satisfies the needs of its most important stakeholders first, which not many other companies are willing to do and it is genuinely praiseworthy.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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