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Redefining Health & Safety in Singapore

Tracesafe Asia Pacific Pte Ltd transforms the way businesses look at health and safety through its groundbreaking IoT-based solutions.

Tracesafe Asia Pacific Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2020 at the height of COVID-19, and offers Internet-of-Things- (IoT) based real-time location management services and contact tracing solutions. In order to flatten the pandemic curve, Tracesafe worked with local healthcare authorities to deploy its first project – the iMSafe solution, which manages self-enforcement quarantine orders for close contacts to COVID-19 positive cases.

Processing over 20 million real-time data records daily across North America, Asia, and Europe, Tracesafe’s parent company hails from British Columbia and serves various industries with its unique wearables, industrial-grade sensors, and award-winning analytics platform. More importantly, its solutions, developed through its own manufacturing and R&D plant, resolve essential regulation and compliance requirements as per market and industry needs.

Other business opportunities soon sprouted due to the success of iMSafe, and the IT services company developed the AllSafe solution for self-enforcement, social distancing, and contact tracing for first tier customers, such as Micron, Royal Caribbean, and Viking Cruises. During the pandemic, Tracesafe then pivoted its business to emphasise on health and safety, particularly in challenging environments, like construction.

The SafeSite solution then came about to support workers in construction sites, control the outbreak, and reduce worksite accidents. Today, SafeSite has evolved to a safety-first solution that closes the worker safety knowledge gap and shapes their behaviours so as to isolate them from danger risks. This thus enables data collection and analysis, used to customise retraining programs and drive efficient management of site safety levels.

With an aim to help organisations make data-driven decisions that put safety first in order to enhance how people live, work, and engage in their communities, Tracesafe’s foremost competitive advantage is being human-first. That means its products are designed to resolve operational issues and usability in a manner that focuses on users instead of machinery while ensuring user privacy and comprehensive administrative control.

Most recently, Tracesafe launched SafeTown – an integrated security workforce management platform, which has garnered the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award 2022 under the Real Estate category. Since its inception, the company has also achieved various other accolades for its groundbreaking solutions and was ISO certified in 2021.

Attributing its success to the right merging of people, product, market, and capital, Tracesafe aims to further refine its solutions through collaborative partnerships with core technological players and expand into new industries. It will also persist in staying abreast of market demands to deliver value-added business solutions in order to remain top of mind in regards to higher productivity and safety levels.

Team chemistry is undoubtedly crucial to Tracesafe, and it prudently recruits talent, particularly within the technical field, in an effort to build a lean yet formidable team that is able to weather fast-paced changes and uncertainties. It also advocates openness, transparency, and inclusion within the organisation in order to set the company on the right course for future successes.

With respect to CSR, Tracesafe’s commitment to reduce carbon footprint has culminated in the acquisition of Offsety, a marketplace that allows individuals to evaluate and offset their carbon footprint using Carbon Reserve – fractionalised high-quality offsets in compliance with stringent verification mechanisms and third-party audits. Aside from taking part in local community projects, this is Tracesafe’s first endeavour towards achieving a Net-Zero carbon footprint.

Acknowledged amongst Asia’s Most Promising SMEs by ACES, this award is Tracesafe’s first ever regional accolade. Moving forward, the IT services company hopes to leverage this award to gain momentum in order to enter other markets within Asia and expand its reach towards the path of becoming a top SME in the region.

“When Singapore was urgently in need of a solution to manage quarantine orders and keep the country protected against the pandemic, Tracesafe Asia Pacific Pte Ltd stepped in and delivered. Despite being such a nascent company in Singapore, it has achieved way more than some other businesses ever will.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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