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The SEARLE Company Limited 

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“Commitment to Quality “

Searle’s key to success 

The Searle Company Limited has been helping people get healthy since its founding in 1965. Backed by a sound vision, best practices, passionate leadership and dedicated staff, Searle has grown over the decades to become one of Pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical companies with the core business of manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Today, it is the number one performing company on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and is the second largest company in the country in terms of volume as per IMS ranking.

By focusing on treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases, Searle has carved a niche for itself to stand apart from its competitors. The company also operates some of the most modern manufacturing plants in Pakistan, cornering the market on state-of-the-art medical technology. Searle’s exceptional products has resulted in it being the first Pakistani pharmaceutical company to export to the United Kingdom and other European markets.

Searle’s stellar growth and commitment to quality has brought the company various accolades, including being named the most outstanding company in Pakistan in Asiamoney’s Outstanding Companies Poll 2018 and earning a regular spot on the Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion list, which recognises the top 200 companies in the Asia-Pacific region that have recorded annual sales of under US$1 billion.

While recognition undoubtedly serves as a morale booster, Searle appreciates that the engine behind its success is its staff of over 2,000.  A family-based culture is encouraged as this is believed to improve communication and increase productivity and efficacy. Valued as the foundation of the company, employees are afforded numerous benefits such as life insurance, medical cards for outpatient and inpatient care, provident and gratuity funds, healthy office lunches, annual office picnics with families, annual awards/certification and accreditation to acknowledge employee performance, and monetary incentives. With regular training and development programmes to ensure a skilled workforce and an open-door policy that encourages honest feedback and discussion, Searle is able to retain a high percentage of its staff.

The challenge presented by COVID-19 has been considerable. But Searle has stepped up to the plate to do the needful. From the onset of the outbreak, the company has gone out of its way, despite the risks to its team, to ensure an efficient supply chain and the availability of life-saving medicines in every corner of Pakistan. During this crucial time, the company has also initiated a rigorous and intense drive to produce and provide personal protective equipment (PPE), testing kits, and screening and detection tools.

If there is one thing that a crisis will reveal or emphasise, it is the shortfalls in a system. For Searle, it was the fact that Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry only produced 5% of raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), while importing the remaining 95%. With the increased global demand for raw materials, the acute shortage has come into focus, prompting Searle to not just take up steps to invest in APIs but to also encourage the government to provide incentives to entrepreneurs to set up API companies in Pakistan.    

COVID-19, however, is not the only focus for Searle. There is the big job of setting up research and development (R&D) centres to address the current lack of pharmaceutical R&D in Pakistan. There are programmes to launch new products, improve current ones, extend brands into the over-the-counter market and increase overall market penetration. There is Searle’s commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that include a plan to plant 300,000 trees in Karachi. And then there is the continued challenge of maintaining what Searle does best – delivering high-quality products and services.

“For the high standards it has for its products and services, for the caring work environment it has created for its staff and for the strategic initiatives it has undertaken to develop the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan, the Searle Company Limited receives our seal of approval.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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