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The Rise of Sunseap

Powering up Lion City.

Sunseap Group is the most established renewable energy solutions provider in Singapore offering solar energy solutions including financing, designing, installation, and maintenance services. Founded in 2015, Sunseap Group Pte Ltd vision is to provide Affordable, Clean Energy for Everyone. Sunseap Group is the holding company for its three business units, Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap Energy and Sunseap International. A pioneer in the movement to proliferate solar energy, Sunseap is responsible for the majority of the grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems in Singapore. The company’s portfolio of projects range from rooftop installations to ground-mounted and floating photovoltaic (PV) systems, and serves commercial, industrial, residential, utility, and government sectors in Singapore, as well as the South East Asia and Pacific regions.
Founders Mr Frank Phuan and Mr Lawrence Wu believe in scaling up, and hope to be able to provide cheaper, innovative renewable energy and solutions to the masses through extensive R&D. The company’s Research & Development department (Special Projects) specialises in driving innovative projects such as off grid energy solutions, energy storage solutions, and floating solar systems. In 2017, Sunseap took part in the world’s largest floating solar system testbed at Tengeh Reservoir.

Sunseap is a pioneer of the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model, which provides zero-cost renewable energy solutions for onsite solar systems installations. Their extensive portfolio of solar systems (more than 200 Megawatt-peak) across Singapore also allows them to provide offsite renewable energy supply via their subsidiary, Sunseap Energy.
2018 marked a major milestone for the company when it secured a 20-year solar electricity supply contract from Microsoft Singapore. 100 percent of the renewable energy attributes from Sunseap’s 60 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) solar power project which consists of an array of solar panels on hundreds of rooftops across Singapore. This project is the single largest solar energy portfolio in Singapore.

In September 2017 Sunseap Group secured an investment of S$75 million from Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading utility company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The additional funding from the Thai utility company will be used for solar projects across Asia. The two companies plan to leverage on each other’s networks and domain expertise to expand in the alternative energy market in Asia and beyond.
Sunseap has been Apple’s provider of renewable energy since 2016, supplying 100% renewable energy for all its Singapore facilities via its onsite and offsite renewable energy supply. This deal made Apple the first company in Singapore to run exclusively on renewable energy.

Among Sunseap’s clients are government agencies, major companies and small and medium enterprises including the Housing Development Board, Singapore American School, Raffles Institution, the United Technologies Group, Jurong Port, ABB and Panasonic.

Their business model of providing renewable energy is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility in itself, as the company sees themselves assisting businesses to offset their carbon footprint. Sunseap has spent more than USD$100,000 in supporting local and regional renewable energy events such as Asia Clean Energy Summit, PVSEC, and the National Geographic Earth Day Run to promote sustainability. Sunseap is also working with various government agencies and energy service companies to provide new renewable energy product offerings, allowing clients to realise sustainability goals.

Sunseap Group is a shining testament that SMEs can succeed beyond the market they operate in by expanding into countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and India. The owners believe in not only thinking globally but acting locally, and being sensitive to the each local communities’ needs when developing renewable energy solutions.

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