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The Philippines’ St. Luke’s Medical Center continues to demonstrate overall excellence, particularly through CSR and sound governance.

Previously a free clinic named the Dispensary of St. Luke the Loving Physician, St. Luke’s Medical Center has been running since 1903 and is a leading healthcare institution in the Philippines. Its two non-profit facilities in Quezon City and Global City, Taguig, are currently at par with some of the most advanced hospitals in the world. The former, St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City, is a non-stock organisation whereas the latter, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, Taguig, has been a registered stock institution since 2008. More recently, St. Luke’s also set up an outpatient clinic at SM-BF Parañaque, making its medical services more accessible within the area.

At St. Luke’s Medical Center, its focus has always been to provide compassionate, patient-centred experiences guided by excellence and innovation, accommodating an average of 50,000 in-patient admissions and approximately 2.9 million outpatient consultations per year. Its hospital culture is deeply rooted in this mission, and it does so by investing heavily in advanced medical technologies and equipment, hiring only the most competent and qualified healthcare professionals, and continuously evaluating and improving its processes and services to ensure that it meets and exceeds the highest standards of care.

Celebrated for its first-rate medical services and state-of-the-art facilities, St. Luke’s Medical Center is the first ever healthcare institution in the country that has received international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), exemplifying excellence in meeting and exceeding global healthcare standards. It is also the region’s first and only hospital with an initiative to involve patients and local communities in a holistic approach to green healthcare, and does so via its Culture of Care CSR program, focused on helping address the country’s plastic waste pollution and empowering partner communities with livelihood opportunities.

To elaborate, St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Culture of Care program prioritises the use of eco-friendly amenities in its hospital operations, and provides economic opportunities for its 12 partner communities around the Philippines by sourcing these eco-friendly products from them. One of its local suppliers also established a small restaurant through a partnership with the hospital, and St. Luke’s has also involved youths from Patayas, enabling them to generate income that funds their education and supports their families.

Furthermore, the hospital champions systems that support efficiency and opportunities for career advancements for its employees. Its Nurse Migration Training Program, for instance, provides a pathway for nurses to work with partner hospitals in foreign countries like the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. This program is only one of many other initiatives the hospital runs to elicit high levels of employee involvement and pay tribute to employees who have been exceptional at providing compassionate care for patients, further attested by its low turnover rate of 4.83% as of February 2023.

Despite facing obstacles such as a shortage of healthcare professionals, increasing demand for healthcare services, rapid technology advancements, and rising healthcare costs, St. Luke’s has consistently adapted by undergoing significant transformations over the years, and has even been bestowed numerous local and global accolades for its commitment to overall excellence. This can be attributed to its solid management leadership, sound financial standings, and internal and external CSR, coupled with a well fortified governance framework, culture of transparency and accountability, stakeholder engagement, and ethical behaviour and integrity that backs its resilience.

Named one of Asia’s Best Performing Companies, this recognition demonstrates St. Luke’s commitment to creating a better world and inspiring other businesses to prioritise CSR as part of their DNA. Moving forward, the healthcare institution also pledges to continue leading by example, exemplifying that responsible business practices can lead to both business success and a positive social impact.

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