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“Connecting Capital to Opportunities”

Vietnam’s SSI Securities Corporation leverages on financial potential for sustainable growth. 

Based in Vietnam, SSI Securities Corporation provides brokerage services, securities trading, wealth management services, finance and investment advisory services, custodian services, and underwriting for share issuance. It operates through the following business units: Securities Services, Digital Services & Wealth Management; Treasury; Principal Investment; Investment Banking and Asset Management (SSIAM). The firm also provides fundamental equity research, economics research, and investment strategy research services.

SSI is the biggest securities firm in Vietnam in terms of total assets and owners’ equity, with VND 52,226 billion and VND 22,384 billion, respectively. The company’s stock/fund certificate brokerage market share in 2022 continued to remain in the Top 3, reaching 9.84% on HOSE and 6.89% on HNX. Armed with 23 years of experience in the local financial market, SSI is also the country’s fastest growing financial institution, boasting over 2,500 times increase in charter capital since its establishment. 

Today, SSI caters to a customer base of more than 500,000 retail accounts and over 2,000 institutional clients worldwide. The firm has established partnerships with some of the most reputable international brokers in the world such as HSBC, Credit Suisse, CLSA, Auerbach

Grayson, and CitiGroup.

To ensure a sustainable advantage over its competitors, SSI offers customers a diverse range of investment products and services. The company also continuously expands its lineup to provide advanced solutions that meet the sophisticated needs of its diverse clients. For instance, the company has developed a mobile trading app that allows clients to trade securities on-the-go. This is further bolstered by its wide network of branches covering major cities throughout Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong with 900 well-trained and experienced brokers nationwide.

Moreover, SSI focuses on developing and training its talents to become the best-in-class in the industry. Notably, it boasts an experienced retail broker team, with more than 700 full-time staff. Meanwhile, its Institutional Brokerage Team has been in Top 3 Best Traders & Top 3 Best Sales in Vietnam, as voted by international investors for 7 years in a row. 

Like many other companies, SSI had to endure changes in the market and adapt to new market conditions. For example, lack of orders due to the weakened global economy led to lower export and manufacturing earnings in 2022. Furthermore, concerns over an overheated property market led to investors pulling out of bond and fixed income products. Liquidity in the market became a big issue in the equity market as well as the bond market. This liquidity crunch had a huge negative impact on all securities companies, including SSI. 

However, SSI managed to navigate the economic downturns and market volatility by diversifying its investment portfolio and providing clients with a range of investment solutions. The company regularly keeps up-to-date with regulatory changes and implements compliance procedures to ensure it means mandatory requirements. It also provided clients with regular market updates and investment advice to help them make informed decisions. As a result, none of SSI’s clients were impacted by the property bond issue. 

On top of maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all of its business dealings, SSI is also committed to upholding the principles of social responsibility in its operations. This includes promoting sustainable development, supporting local communities, and engaging in environmentally responsible practices. 

Aimed at building a strong and prosperous Vietnam, SSI has spent more than VND 132 billion in total on community activities to initiate and accompany meaningful charity programs, in hopes of creating a long-term impact on the development of localities across the country. Ultimately, SSI strives to connect its clients to the best possible investment solutions and services, while contributing to the greater good of society.

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