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“Marching To Its Own Beat”

Thailand’s Slingshot Group Co., Ltd strives to become a thought leader in leadership development.

Incorporated in 2005 in Thailand, Slingshot Group Co., Ltd. specialises in the business of leadership development, training, coaching, and consulting, serving executive and non-executive leaders from Thai SMEs to bigger Thai corporations. Slingshot has since been in service of over 500 organisations across various industries from technology, banking and financial services, telecommunications to energy, automotive, and the government sector.

Enabling Thai leaders with world-class leadership capabilities, Slingshot capitalises on its expertise in Thailand’s business landscape, organisational context, and culture to deliver transformative developmental journeys. This is further integrated with cutting-edge methodologies, customised learning, people transformation solutions, and personalised coaching and mentoring, focused on practical application, experiential learning, and measurable results defined by Slingshot’s native competency assessment system.

The firm, which aspires to be a thought leader in leadership development in Thailand, remains ahead of the game by providing tangible value to its customers through the most advanced solutions and original content, processes, and tools that challenge conventional leadership approaches. Additionally, Slingshot prides itself on data-driven digitalisation to help customers make the right decisions for their business.

Amidst the pandemic, Slingshot maintained good organisational health, a testimonial to the strength of the firm’s brand and ability to deliver on its promise to customers. Since founding, Slingshot has worked with over 100,000 Thai leaders, achieving an impressive net promoter score (NPS) of 87%. Slingshot has also garnered numerous accolades locally and globally over the years because of the firm’s prioritisation on staying ahead in leadership development while also fostering cross-industry collaborations.

Slingshot asserts that some of its biggest challenges are synonymous to that of its customers, and amongst them are rapidly changing market dynamics, keeping pace with technological advancements, staying ahead of emerging trends, and identifying evolving customer needs. To counter these challenges, the firm takes a strategic approach to speed up its capabilities while also continuously investing in research and employing a data-driven system for customer feedback collation.

Advancing its growth through innovation and adaptability, Slingshot remains steadfast in its core values – simplicity, practicality, effectiveness, and empathy – to achieve sustained growth in the next five years. It also anticipates that its Thailand Leader Ecosystem, a community that allows leaders to connect and learn from cross-industry expertise, will support its business’ agility, particularly in being receptive to differing perspectives and accelerating change in order to develop and sustain its competitive edge.

It goes without say that Slingshot gives equal prominence to the growth and development of its employees through its own learning and development programs, mentorship program, and Success Lab, its own online learning platform. Slingshot is also purposeful in its contribution to the society through its employee volunteering program as well as partnerships and support for various NGOs.

Slingshot’s accomplishment as one of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs as conferred by Asia’s Corporate Leadership and Sustainability Awards (ACES) is one that is truly deserved. This accolade is a stepping stone to further enhance its industry credibility and forge impactful partnerships for greater global contribution so that Slingshot may realize its purpose of equipping Thai leaders with world-class leadership capabilities.

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Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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