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It is heartening to see businesses which operate in traditionally non-green sectors, to be concerned with the impact of their products on the environment. Selic’s move to enter into bio-adhesives is just one way this business distinguishes itself.

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Selic Corp Public Company Limited (Selic), formerly known as Selic Chemical Limited, was founded in 1979 in Thailand as an adhesive manufacturer with the most advanced technology from Japan at the time. Its main business was selling adhesives to the leather and footwear industries in Thailand. Selic was registered on 29 June 2012. The newly registered company was formed as a result of the consolidation between Selic Chemical Limited and EVA Manufacturing Limited. Both companies were founded by the Suwatthanaphim family, whose experience in the adhesive and adhesive-related chemicals business spans 30 years. 

Selic’s customer base covers both domestic and international markets and across various industries such as footwear, leatherwear, furniture, food and beverage, printing, woodworking, and the automotive industry. For years, Selic has been focusing on providing its customers with the best professional solutions to support their business growth.  It ensures it provides customer service at all touchpoints along the customer journey, from the beginning to after-sales service. 

Among the company’s many milestones, several stand out. In 2015, Selic received the standard certificate for Green Industry from the Ministry of Industry, and in the same year, it was among ten companies in Thailand to receive the Outstanding Award from The Thai Chamber of Commerce. In 2016, Selic became a  public listed company with its listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. It was an important event that demonstrated the stability and strength of the adhesives powerhouse. In 2017, Selic received two Prime Minister’s Export Awards under the categories of Best Thai Brand and Best Exporter. In 2018, Selic was issued a Certificate of Membership for Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC). In the same year, Selic received its third Prime Minister’s Export Award, this time for Best Green Innovation.

The biggest challenge in the adhesive industry is the effect of its products on the environment.  As environmental concerns grow stronger, consumers are turning to companies which offer environmentally-friendly products.  In view of this, Selic is looking into developing new products.  For Selic, innovation is one of its core values. Its research and development department houses a group of chemists and experts in the field of adhesive, together with top of the range laboratory equipment and facilities.  It is also certified with ISO 17025, the international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. 

At present, Selic has a dedicated team who has been assigned to research and develop bio-based products with less volatile organic compounds.  Another challenge is keeping up with digital disruption and to foresee the impact of the disruption to consumer behavior or to manufacturers.  Selic closely monitors these trends by attending seminars, and networking groups by industry. 

Selic’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities cover both society and environment, and are carried out in close collaboration with stakeholders. On the society front, Selic has contributed its adhesive products to the Prostheses Foundation of HRH The Princess Mother of Thailand as a main component in the manufacture of prostheses for the disabled. It has also provided its adhesive products to Skills Development Center for the Blind as part of the center’s furniture manufacture, production and distribution efforts. 

Selic is committed to environmental management and aims for sustainable corporate development. As part of its efforts to better the places it does business in, the company has arranged for the cleaning and upkeep of Thai public canals, and the collection of rubbish in areas with sporadic waste disposal service. The company has also provided emergency assistance such as distribution of survival bags to people affected by the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is heartening to see businesses which operate in traditionally non-green sectors, to be concerned with the impact of their products on the environment. Selic’s move to enter into bio-adhesives is just one way this business distinguishes itself.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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