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Industry Champions of the Year

Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

Industry Champions of the Year


Bosch Southeast Asia

Growth through innovation

Making the world a better place, one invention at a time.

During the Bosch Group’s 130 over years history since its incorporation back in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany, the company has remained significant and relevant in multiple spheres despite revolutionary changes of the 20th century, including both world wars. Their solid foundation and innovative strength have lasted through generations, deeming them worthy to be known as the Industry Champions of the Year.
The international conglomerate produces a variety of products, solutions and services for multiple sectors, distinctively separated by its technological and innovative edge. From energy and building technologies, to specialized market segments such as connected mobility, E-bikes, and smart houses, Bosch has been a powerhouse name. Yet, no matter how competitive the markets get, Bosch has always found room to pioneer new technologies and products, emerging as a technology leader in all fields.

The basis of the company’s current and future successes can be attributed to Bosch’s innovative strength. The company’s managers and employees have been thoroughly trained to think unconventionally since its incorporation. That spirit is very much alive today, with the culture of innovation ingrained in every aspect of the company. For example in 2017, Bosch employed roughly 64, 500 associates in research and development alone at 125 locations across the globe and has invested over 7.5 billion euros in this sector. Bosch’s associates has never stopped innovating, sparking enthusiasm among their consumers with surprisingly simple solutions in an aesthetic, functional design.
With a strong desire to make lives better and provide their consumers with extraordinary experiences, Bosch has committed themselves to ensuring high-quality in all aspects of their products and services. To fulfil this objective, the company orientated innovative products, services and solutions to boost the quality of life thus, are created to be ‘Invented for Life’. This direction has achieved many of the company’s successes such as the Magneto spark plug in 1902 and the daily production of four million micromechanical sensors in 2017.

Their esteemed quality and reputation is largely credited to its 402,000 associates worldwide. In addition to being industry champions of the year, Bosch has a pristine human resources record for cultivating ideal working conditions, due to the priority placed on workers’ wellbeing. Within their company, the management has provided a complete employee package that offers both tangible and intangible benefits while nurturing a welcoming environment with fair working conditions. Along with their support for work-life balance, career opportunities as well as development, and community values, Bosch has earned highly loyal associates that works along with the company’s objective – to make a positive difference. The Human Resources Excellence Award 2016 and this year’s Top Workplaces in Asia award testify to the company’s abilities.
Besides providing training and educational classes for associates as priority, Bosch has also made a loyal commitment to social and economic contribution around the world. This includes monetary donations, provisions of tools and facilities, scholarships distribution, developing curriculums for vocational institutes as well as tertiary institutions and many more.

One prime example is the Bosch Technical Industrial Apprenticeship (TGA) in Vietnam, offering apprenticeships in industrial mechanics and mechatronics since its introduction in 2013. The program has now supported over 93 apprentices. Meanwhile in Indonesia, Bosch provided opportunities to two young inventors for a study excursion to the company’s headquarters in Germany. Here, the two young inventors were able to learn more about the company’s operational structure and innovation culture. Bosch’s numerous charity projects across countries within the Southeast Asian region exemplifies their desire to improve life in all aspects.

Responsibility is a strong value integrated in the company’s image. Bosch keeps their reputation in mind as they uphold the basic principles of responsible business practices. This includes cooperation and compliance to the law, observing the code of business conduct, and adhering to other internal rules in order to uphold integrity.
This duty also includes environmental and social responsibility as Bosch is continuously evaluating their impact on such fields. In support of the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), Bosch has a dedicated sustainability office responsible for the oversight and target development of the company’s sustainability goals. Products, services and solutions developed by the company are optimised with an eco-friendly approach based on energy efficiency, raw material usage, emissions, and waste management just to name a few. Bosch also believes that the company’s successes depends on fairness, hence rejects any violation of human rights within their workplaces. The company also incorporated global guidelines defined by goals of fair treatment for all workers, regardless of background and identity.

By possessing an extensive manufacturing and sales network, the company has formed close collaborations within the industry and its markets. Currently, this network contains roughly 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries. With each stakeholder, the company engages in-depth discussions and exchanges while facilitating a high interest in sustainability-related topics. With their interconnected collaborations secured by a strong communication flow, their global position has certainly contributed to their overall success and development.

Within their ASEAN sector itself, over 9,000 associates are heavily involved in the company’s manufacturing production, R&D, software innovation, business process outsourcing activities and many more. Because of this, the Southeast Asia region is one of Bosch’s fastest growing markets, with ample opportunities for future business growth. Seizing upon this advantage, the institution has been heavily involved in the expansion of its localisation strategy. The strategy aims to develop products, solutions, and services customised to the unique needs of the Southeast Asian markets, enhancing production facilities, setting up various business opportunities for people in this region and many more. The recent launch of the company’s new Industry 4.0 automotive manufacturing plant in Thailand and the opening of its fifth business hub in the emerging city of Baguio, Philippines, displays the region’s importance.

In their long line of business history, Bosch has stressed the importance of consumer focus, as well as innovative changes and has striven for excellence, producing ‘Invented for life’ products that benefit the world. Bosch will continue to secure their future by generating strong and meaningful developments, as the company’s founder, Robert Bosch, called for in his will.

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