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XL Axiata goes the extra mile in corporate governance, listening to its employees as astutely as it listens to its consumers


All hail technology democratization!

Axiata invests in holistic social development. 

XL Axiata is an Indonesian telecommunication and multimedia service provider that was incorporated in 1996 in Jakarta. The telecommunications corporation understands that it has a big role to play as an industry leader. Hence, it has unceasingly exerted its efforts in corporate social responsibilities that align with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

XL Axiata’s commitment to Indonesia is actualized in its goal, to develop Indonesia through technology democratization. However, its role is not only to develop the local economy, but also to develop Indonesian society and the environment through various digital programs. 

Building Prosperity, Nurturing People, Process Excellence and Planet and Society are the four pillars that act as benchmarks to assess the corporation’s accomplishments. The organization believes that digitization has a pivotal role in the journey towards its goal. 

XL Axiata has initiated various corporate social responsibility programs that have focused on the Indonesian community. It provided innovative digital solutions to help encourage technological literacy among the Indonesian locals while boosting their readiness to compete in the 4.0 industry. The corporation has five main programs that achieve this. 

XL Future Leaders is a program that focuses on training and developing the potential of Indonesian students, and to inspire them to become future leaders. Through the program, the corporation develops students’ skills to deal with today’s fast changing world. XL Future Leaders is a two-year leadership development program that not only benefits the participants, but also impacts the communities they contribute their assistance to later. The effectiveness of this program is supported by a factor learning system, which is a combination of online learning programs, face-to-face workshops, and work experience that is expected to prepare students to take leadership roles in their communities, as well as in various national and international companies.

XL Berbagi is an employee volunteer program that aims to ignite the spirit of volunteerism amongst XL Axiata’s employees. The program provides employees the opportunity to aid communities through teaching and lecturing, disaster mitigation, crowd funding and donations.  

Gerakan Donasi Kuota is a program that enables customers to contribute by donating internet quota to high school students all over Indonesia. Most Indonesian high school students do not have access to a stable internet connection, which hinders their progress in school. Stable connectivity plays a big role in today’s increasingly digital education system. The development of education is inextricably linked to the opportunity to see the world and get information online. Through this initiative, the corporation aims to blur this disparity, and give more children the chance to learn. 

Sisternet is a social movement that was initiated by XL Axiata to provide a platform with various benefits for women so they can improve their quality of life. Women are one of the main economic drivers contributing to economic growth and stability in the future. All Sisternet activities are collaborations with various partners from the government, NGOs, communities, and other private parties.

Laut Nusantara is a mobile application that was developed to significantly enhance the productivity and safety at work among the fishermen communities in Indonesia. Finding the best fishing spot is one of the challenges faced by fishermen. As a matter of fact, they frequently go out to sea, spending time and fuel, only to get unworthy results, in other words, suffering a loss. To address this, XL Axiata created Laut Nusantara Apps. XL Axiata teams have previously conducted research and surveys in a number of fishing communities in various regions to identify needs related to information about fishing activities.

In each CSR program, the organization conducts a survey to understand the community’s needs, so that the programs implemented can be appropriate to the community and improve their welfare, directly or indirectly.

“Axiata’s macro view of its role in the community is a truly commendable one”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

“From internet connectivity, the empowering of women and fishing communities, to the igniting of the spirit of volunteerism, Axiata has proven itself a power to be reckoned with”

Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury, ACES Awards.

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