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PT Rukita Bhinneka Indonesia

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about PT Rukita Bhinneka Indonesia

“Home that grows with you”

Rukita provides a one-stop solution to address the housing crisis in Indonesia. 

Founded in 2019, Pt Rukita Bhinneka is a property technology (proptech) company that provides long-stay rental housing solutions with end-to-end and hassle-free services in Indonesia. Rukita’s mission is to make quality living accessible for all by developing a holistic ecosystem of housing solutions for tenants and landlords, which comprises property management, marketplace, and financing services. 

According to statistics, about 50 million Indonesians are looking for quality living space, while 30 million are looking to diversify their passive income. Recognizing this match in supply and demand, Rukita serves to assist landlords in transforming their assets into high-yield rental properties while providing solutions to the current and future generations facing the housing crisis, especially in large cities where real estate prices are steep.

With its tagline ‘Home that grows with you’, Rukita has developed end-to-end housing products that cater to the ever-changing needs in every stage of people’s life progression, from their days as a student to building a family, and even through to retirement. 

For tenants, this includes affordable student housing near universities, coliving spaces with complete facilities and services, as well as apartments and landed homes with monthly payment schemes. Tenants and property investors are able to search for listings, book rooms or even buy homes online through Rukita’s marketplace,

At the same time, Rukita offers comprehensive property management services for landlords, including business planning, tenant acquisition, performance tracking, and day-to-day maintenance. With RuFinance, landlords can receive assistance and consultation services for rental property financing. Additionally, Rukita also runs RuPartner to provide marketing partnerships for coliving business outside Rukita. 

In order to educate, reward, and encourage positive credit behavior among its customers, Rukita introduced a loyalty program called RuKoin, which rewards financial discipline. This holistic ecosystem encompasses the RuFinance Credit Scoring Program, where ‘Quality’ Tenants can be granted access to the RuFinance Rent-to-Own program. Thus, RuKoin tackles the challenge of qualifying for a mortgage, while empowering millennials and Gen-Z journeys to homeownership.

When it comes to scaling the business, Rukita has established a long-standing commitment to sustainability that helps to grow the business responsibly without burning through funds or overhiring since its inception. As a result, the business is pandemic-proof, recording a positive performance with 21 times revenue growth in just three years. This is paving the way for the company to reach profitability.

As the company continues expanding to different cities in Indonesia, it aims to closely monitor the market capture rate of its products to gauge its ability to attract and retain customers, gain a competitive edge, and generate returns on investment. Another leading indicator is customer satisfaction score, which identifies whether the company’s customers are satisfied with its offline and digital products to potentially become loyal customers. High customer loyalty leads to higher Customer Lifetime Value, which then contributes to sustainable profitability and business growth.

Currently in its fourth year of operation, Rukita is already a profitable company with 5% MoM growth. To maintain this upward trajectory, the company is working closely with its engineering team, as well as its operation units, to continue providing solutions for its target market. By adopting scalable systems, processes, and technologies including cloud-based solutions, the company’s infrastructure is designed to efficiently handle growing volumes of data, user traffic, and transactional as well as operational demands.

In addition, Rukita has established strong partnerships with leading-edge vendors and service providers that can scale alongside its needs. These partnerships will allow it to leverage their expertise, resources, and infrastructure when required. At the same time, the team will continue monitoring industry best practices and emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of the long-stay rental housing business.

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