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PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang

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about PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang

Shaping the Future Through R&D

Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang remains laser-focused on its goals and objectives to aggressively adapt to market changes through R&D.

Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang was established in 2007 and is an Indonesian company offering a comprehensive range of IT solutions, including hardware distribution, software development, management of digital transformation, AI and automation services, and other IT outsourcing services to over 500 distributors, resellers, and partners across the country as well as more than 300 corporate account customers.

Boasting over 14 years of IT experience, PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang is not another run-of-the-mill solutions provider only reselling pre-made IT products and services. Instead, the data-driven company delivers the most cutting edge of technology by also leveraging on a robust research culture to study and develop its own range of solutions, particularly through analysis of its clients’ data to conceptualise solutions specifically tailored to their needs.

To date, PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang has captured numerous significant milestones. In 2007, it pioneered e-ticketing solutions for airlines and e-papers for newspaper publications. After being appointed as a Google Partner in 2009, 49% of the company was then acquired by Japan’s Freakout Group in 2016. It then established Aidia voucher solutions and became an IBM Partner in 2017 prior to launching its own cybersecurity solutions in 2022.

While COVID-19 was the perfect storm, PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang saw a silver lining in the dark clouds and seized the occasion to provide immediate support to its clients in expediting digitalisation. On top of online meeting solutions, the company carried out diverse projects, such as the country’s first online vehicle dealership for Toyota Indonesia, which saw the sales of over 5,000 automobiles in 3 days.

The bottom line is, PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang has been unwavering in adapting aggressively to market changes, and has consequently weathered various challenges, including that of blockchain, cybersecurity, and legislative shifts in the global economy. Besides retaining its service quality in compliance with ISO9001 standards, the company also collaborates with universities to enhance its R&D and counts on its sound governance in order to do so.

Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang – a joint venture of Indonesia’s Suryadhamma Group and Japan’s Freakout Group – targets to become the market leader for AI and business automation by utilising groundbreaking advanced technologies and skilled labour moving forward. Additionally, the company maintains a laser-like focus on its goals, risks, and resources in order to grow and expand while increasing efficiency.

As a business that emphasises on collaboration and mutual benefit for all stakeholders, PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang undoubtedly values its employees and supports their development through a comprehensive education program designed by both internal and external experts, such as I3L University and Jakarta as well as other HR development companies.

Through its R&D activities, led by its in-house R&D team and universities, PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang has been able to contribute towards the refinement of the society’s embrace of technology. Many of its tech specialists are also often invited to participate in expert discussions at various meetups and government-level conferences. This has ultimately obliquely yet progressively helped to position the company as a thought leader in the industry.

Winning the accolade as one of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs by ACES, reinforces PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang’s role in bolstering a post-pandemic recovery for Indonesia’s IT sector. Similarly, the award attests to its R&D efforts as a significant component of innovation that perhaps many other companies may be overlooking. Beyond profit, the company’s priority is influencing human lives and contributing to the nation and society.

“People say, “Don’t find customers for your products. Instead, find products for your customers.” That is exactly what PT. Gema Teknologi Cahaya Gemilang has done and it also does it exceptionally well. This shows that you can really make a difference when you put innovation at the heart of your thinking process.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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