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PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk

“Since the beginning, a firm commitment has been in the heart of Fortune Indonesia to provide the best  services to clients. For more than four decades, Fortune Indonesia has shared its passion and desire with hundreds of clients and has held thousands of inspiring campaigns.”

In the business of integrated creative communications, it is essential to embrace technology and to embed it into your business. This is what the management at PT Fortune Indonesia believes, and it is one of many factors that have kept this SME thriving in the last 46 years since its inception in 1970.
Generating revenues of 55 million US dollars each year from handling the gamut of advertising, media strategy, Public Relations and digital marketing, the Jakarta-based company faces challenges from factors such as digital platform disruption to traditional media. While the company believes there is space for both traditional and digital media to co-exist side by side in the market, they are still optimistic they can weather these changes and remain as one of the top ten agencies in Indonesia with their billings.

Facing digital disruption with their internal campaign called “Change or die,” PT Fortune believes adaptability and flexibility is one of their strengths and forms an integral part of their business model in surviving potential future economic volatility.
This, coupled with a steadfast adherence to measuring their successes with KPIs, means they keep a keen eye on the markers that matter: product leadership, service excellence and customer intimacy. While they proclaim that they are observers of the rapid changes in consumer preferences and demands, they are also confident of being inventors of the future, holding on to their mission of becoming a global communication network within a decade.

This passion to conquer the world translates into three goals: to bring value and become an acceleration magnet for stakeholders, to prove and improve the success story of people, their partners and of the nation, and to move up the ladder to become the Number 5 agency in the industry.
One of Fortune’s key milestones was to be the first advertising company in Indonesia to list shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now called the Indonesia Stock Exchange) in 2002. It was three years later that they evolved into an integrated communications agency, and by 2007, they had fully embraced digital platforms as part of their business and for their clients.

Since the late 1990s, they have partnered with global agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB, while in 2014 they inked a significant partnership deal by teaming up with PT Rajawali Corpora as strategic partners.

While there is always the concern that the expansion of an SME may cause them to lose their competitive edge, Fortune is confident that their agility, spontaneous response to market changes, interconnected structure and sheer professionalism will keep them competitive even if they were to grow.

The management also believe it is possible for SMEs to succeed beyond the markets they operate in if they are lean, flexible and have strong work ethics. “A strong family spirit and togetherness in our culture has stayed with us for over 45 years and will keep us going even further in the future,” says its Chief Executive.

The wholehearted adoption of technology, the ability to be agile and flexible in responding to market changes and disruptions, a strong work ethic as well as constantly measuring key indicators such as customer intimacy: these and other crucial ingredients are the recipe for SME success as prescribed by PT Fortune Indonesia.

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