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“Investing in people”

Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd. invests in people, not just externally but also internally.

With over 23 years of operations in Vietnam from 1999, Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd. helps people get the most out of life by making healthcare affordable and accessible, and by promoting financial inclusion through life insurance solutions. Aligned with its slogan ‘Listening. Understanding. Delivering.’, Prudential reaffirms its commitment to always putting customers first, delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions to protect people’s wealth, help them grow their assets, and empower them to set aside funds for their life goals.

Prudential Vietnam has demonstrated preeminence in its entirety as of late, particularly through its robust and firm foundation in the areas of revenue growth, innovativeness, people, and CSR, making it well-deserving of being one of Asia’s Most Influential Companies. In alignment with the sustainability strategy of Prudential PLC and its global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework, Prudential Vietnam similarly integrates key ESG considerations into its investment processes and stewardship responsibilities.

In regards to the environment, the firm supports Vietnam’s Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, ensuring that vehicles established under the JETP model are suitable for insurers and asset managers. As for making health and financial security accessible, Prudential Vietnam is a leader when it comes to innovating digital solutions that are tailored to the customer segments. Finally, on the governance front, the firm builds solid capital by forging trusted relationships with its employees, while seeking to safeguard its customers’ trust in the business through rigorous digital responsibility.

As Prudential Vietnam advances towards becoming a purpose-driven organisation, the business champions a culture anchored on core values which are rooted in these principles: ambitious, curious, empathetic, courageous, and nimble. Every decision the business makes is done with the best interests of its 1613-strong workforce in mind. Prudential Vietnam also strongly emphasises on diversity and inclusion (D&I) as part of this strategy via various initiatives, such as a recruitment campaign targeting disabled employees with customised benefits and collaborating with external partners to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Prudential Vietnam further ascertains a culture of connecting, growing, and succeeding by offering competitive staff benefits while building a sense of community to ensure that they feel valued and appreciated, with fair labour practices in place. A complex talent development and career advancement strategy that builds people up inside-out and outside-in with customised offers for both wide and niche groups is also present alongside a segmented talent development roadmap. With respect to the health and wellbeing of its employees, assorted initiatives are carried out, comprising educational talks and activities, health and wellbeing solutions including insurance and loan subsidies, work-life balance benefits, and advanced mental health solutions at various stages. It goes without saying that Prudential Vietnam unceasingly supports its people by giving them the tools they need to live fulfilling lives inside and outside of the workplace and does its best to keep them engaged and happy.

Being a well-rounded company, Prudential Vietnam also has a solid footing in giving back to the community through CSR programs that target diverse age groups. Amongst these programs include the Safety Steps Road Safety Program focused on educating children and teachers on road safety and instigating national-level change, its Cha-Ching Financial Literacy Program that cultivates financial literacy amongst children and teachers, the Disaster Risk Reduction Program that provides aid to households in affected provinces, and the Pru Volunteer Program that extends varied forms of support to the community in differentiated situations. Some of the past endeavours have included the provision of flu vaccinations, nutrition snacks, books, toys, learning materials, and sports equipment.

Eastern Communications’ talent development and career advancement programmes are put in place to determine talents who are ready for next level, leadership roles or critical roles. The organization conducts a Talent Assessment, which determines readiness; and identifies development programs that the incumbent will need to achieve and be successful in the target position.

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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