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Premier Living for Everyone”

Ovialand Inc. delivers premium and affordable housing to the continuously growing aspirational market in the Philippines

Ovialand Inc. (OLI) is a real estate mass housing company with developments focused in the Southern Luzon region of the Philippines. Since its inception in 2014, the developer has delivered premium affordable house and lot products to its satisfied clients, with over 1,000 housing units turned over and nearly 3,000 more in the pipeline for the next 5 years.

In the housing industry in the Philippines, OLI challenges the status quo through its premium affordable housing. It achieves this through sheer relentlessness, and a proprietary precast methodology that fast tracks its building capacity to complete anywhere between 30 to 60 housing units monthly per development while ascertaining quality standards.

Committed to its mission, OLI delivers Premier Family Living® experience for its customer through beautiful homes of assured quality in thriving master planned communities that offer safety, security, and reliability, capped off with exceptional service that is hassle free and convenient. More importantly, all of this remains greatly attainable to the continuously growing aspirational market.

With mass housing targeted to constitute at least 80% of the total real estate demand in the Philippines by 2030, OLI stays free from the pressures of depreciation. Its business model, grounded upon ‘HousEasy’ – an ‘instant homes and instant financing’ sentiment, also allows the business to ceaselessly provide value, particularly by bolstering new economic ecosystems within the geographical space of its developments.

Now producing 600 homes yearly, OLI targets to increase its production capacity to deliver 3,000 homes annually by 2025 while emphasizing on quality improvement and the growth of its company culture. Additionally, OLI will begin developments in the Northern Metro Manila and Central Luzon areas by 2023, and aims to expand its presence in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao by 2030.

In order to sustain excellence, OLI banks on customer centricity and openness. This not only allows the developer to prudently assess unique requests and their rationale, but also identify trends and enhancements it can adapt to in order to stay nimble. Today, the developer operates 4 developments simultaneously and runs the business consciously through risk mitigation, sound planning, well-trained managers, and the right objectives as it focuses on quality, service, and speed.

On top of the adaptation of its precast technology in 2018, one of OLI’s biggest milestones was securing a private equity investment by Januario Jesus Atencio, the former President and CEO of the largest mass housing developer in the country in 2020, during the thick of the pandemic. In 2021, OLI subsequently achieved a 85% revenue growth and was awarded top developer by the state-owned housing finance agency Pag-IBIG Fund.

Internally, OLI zeroes in on a learning culture through learning and development programs, coaching and mentoring, and team huddles that elicit collaboration and faster decision making. Similarly, CSR is a strong part of OLI’s culture. Aside from supporting and upskilling labour workers, the developer plants trees yearly, rehabilitates living spaces for orphanages in nearby communities, and makes donations in the form of land and school buildings.

In regards to its win as one of Asia’s Leading SMEs by ACES, OLI hopes that its incredible leadership and stewardship will inspire other businesses to drill in on their own purpose and mission. That way, all adversities will become immaterial. Moving forward, OLI aspires to contribute towards the Philippines’ industrialization while being led by its brand mission and guided by its values to ensure it arrives at its desired destination.

Safety, stability, and security are some things that even money can’t necessarily buy, but Ovialand Inc. looks beyond its own agenda to make sure that the continuously growing aspirational market in the Philippines has access to such living standards. It is truly a selfless business, led by inspiring leaders who have the greatest of intentions.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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