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A willingness to extend their specialist skills to organizations in need as part of their CSR outreaches works towards underscoring Neo Target’s dedication to their field of speciality

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Right on target

Communications specialists grow in calibre as it joins big leagues.

Neo Target Company Limited was registered as a trading company in 1988 in Bangkok, Thailand. However, the company officially entered the market as a Public Relations firm in 2002. The corporation is a communications consulting firm for enterprises and leaders who aim to build distinguished and reputable brands. The services provided by the company include helping clients define and communicate their brand reputation to the world, while building trust among their target stakeholders. 

The PR consulting firm’s customer base is very wide. Clients come from various industries such as retail, information technology, healthcare, real estate, food and beverages and telecommunications. 80 percent of Neo Target’s clients are among the top three corporations in their respective industries. Some of Neo Target’s clients include 7-11, Unilever, Aston Martin, Shell, Amazon’s Twitch and many government offices and industries. 

Communication is one of the most important aspects of human relations, and is something all industries will remain in need of, both in the present and foreseeable future. Although the world may seem like a sea of Androids and Apples, the human touch is still vital in everyday life. Technology persistently grows more advanced daily, but human communication is an aspect of the world that will always be constant and necessary. 

Nonetheless, the corporation still ensures that the services it provides are fitting to the up-and-coming trends within the industry. The organization formed a consortium of experts from various fields to provide a full range of services to clients. Neo Target’s unique selling points include seasoned specialists and personal consultations at an accessible price. As a company operating in the PR and communications industry, it devotes its time to monitoring the media and devising plans to respond to any emerging concerns. The corporation stands out due to the alteration of services it has utilized in order to fit into new media trends.

Neo Target also specializes in crisis communications. It offers crisis management services to assist clients that are facing bad publicity. This bad publicity can stem from fake news that gets circulated on social media, or from unexpected circumstances. 

The PR firm does not measure competitiveness by assessing the scale of the company. It does not want to grow in size, but instead, grow in calibre. It hopes to reach milestones annually, develop fresh ideas and solutions and enrich its clients by providing them the growth these companies  long for. 

Neo Target appreciates its human capital. It is in full conviction that its employees are the gears that drive the company forward. The PR firm carefully hires only the skilled and experienced. These selected few are rewarded with benefits that encourage them to retain their positions. Neo Target is especially particular about recruiting new team members. This is due to its heavy responsibility. Without experienced employees, it would be difficult to advise other organizations. In order to ensure the right set of competencies, the corporation has plans to provide training in design thinking, story telling and digital marketing to its employees. 

Neo Target has worked with numerous organizations to promote community care campaigns. These initiatives are done as part if its corporate social responsibility efforts. The firm has been organizing the publicity campaigns for the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand since its inception seven years ago. The company also works with Chulalongkorn University’s mass communications alumni and the Thai Government Pharmaceutical Organization. As a concerned public citizen, Neo Target also offers free specialized services for certain campaigns as part of its CSR projects. 

“A willingness to extend their specialist skills to organizations in need as part of their CSR outreaches works towards underscoring Neo Target’s dedication to their field of speciality”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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