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Muhammed Aziz Khan

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Summit Power International Limited


“Summit’s infrastructure creation efforts has made them the harbingers of economic hope and prosperity”

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Straight outta Dhaka

The man behind the infrastructure.

A consummate blend of entrepreneurial acumen and astute leadership, Muhammed Aziz Khan is spearheading a national effort to bolster Bangladesh’s infrastructural and social landscape. “Our company specializes in infrastructure which requires large investments as well as longer gestation of project implementation,” the Founder and Chairman of Summit Power International says.

“In developing countries, both capital and management over a long period is challenging, and Summit has proved to be unique in providing these, thus enabling a developing country such as Bangladesh to implement much needed infrastructure.”

Summit Group of Companies, which employs over 6,000 people, counts amongst its clients various sub agencies of the government of Bangladesh such as the Power Development Board (BPDB), the Rural Electrification Board (BREB) and Petrobangla.

“We have set up the first private sector power generation plant, the first tank terminals for chemicals and the first LNG terminal in the form of floating storage and regasification units in Bangladesh,” Muhammed says with pride when asked about Summit’s milestones. “We are equally happy to be able to set up the largest fibre optics network in Bangladesh.”

“We have been able to receive the trust of large multi-lateral corporations as well as commercial financial institutions,” he adds. “This has enabled Summit to make large investments of hundreds of millions of dollars in Bangladesh.”

Muhammed shares his insights on the meaning of real success and true leadership with, “A successful person is one who can help build a better society, starting from an individual’s personal improvement,” he reflects. “A good leader is literally a person who can care for others and provide that care intellectually and sometimes physically.”

Muhammed elaborates, “Leadership has not changed over the decades but the way of delivery has changed. Care continues to be a principal of good character while the delivery of care changes with time and circumstances.”

The entrepreneur, who holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration in Dhaka, also credits Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as his role models.

“I admire Bill Gates for his innovativeness, and Warren Buffett for his business acumen,” Muhammed says. “I also admire TATA Corporation for their ability to grow businesses in developing countries, which is helpful to the people of India and society at large.”

Summit, the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Bangladesh, is also firmly committed to several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. “Our community involvement focuses on education, health, sports and the arts,” he says. “We believe in empowering people of all ages with knowledge and skills.”

“Among all the people who have joined our company, very few have transferred or left,” the Chairman beams. “Due to the great diversity at Summit Group, our companies have customized learning and development programmes.”

The veteran businessman is a big believer in personal empowerment and individual agency. “Education has become very cheap. You can Google and find out almost all the answers of the world with just your mobile phone,” Muhammed opines. “What was earlier available in huge universities, you can find through Google now. Learning is a personal choice now, not personal money. Today it is your choice,” he says,” “If you have education then you don’t need anything else.”

“I hope to be able to care for people and lead by example,” he says. “I believe I am constantly creating leaders among my family, colleagues and friends.” Summit Group of Companies has also pledged to fully remunerate its employees, including all wages benefits, during the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Summit’s infrastructure creation efforts has made them the harbingers of economic hope and prosperity”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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