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Industry Champions of the Year

Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL

Industry Champions of the Year



Going beyond mere life insurance, Muan Thai Assurance has revolutionized the industry with depth and width of product lines which cater to all needs and situations.

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Innovative Insurance 

Protection wherever it is needed.

Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited (MTL), one of the leading life insurance companies in Thailand, was established on 6 April 1951. The Company was the first life insurance company to be bestowed the Royal Garuda Emblem by King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX). In addition, MTL was the first life insurance company to have attained the International Standard Certification ISO 9001:2000.

The insurance industry includes life and non-life insurance companies, offering new innovative products and platforms to serve individual needs in terms of protection, investment and annuity products. 

In terms of protection, Elite Health Rider was launched as a high-end medical insurance rider plan offering worldwide and comprehensive coverage such as outpatient and inpatient care, emergency benefits, well-being benefits and maternity benefits. The highest coverage starts from 20 million Baht to up to 100 million Baht a year. Due to market needs, the insurable age was extended from 80 to 99 years old to provide peace of mind about health coverage for the elderly. MTL also launched Extra Care Plus Campaign for customers who already have health insurance protection but lack inclusive coverage for all medical expenses. The premium is more affordable than general health insurance. It is aimed to provide extra coverage on top of the existing health coverage, relieving the concerns of exceeding medical expenses.

As for an investment product, mDesign is a unit-linked insurance plan. MTL gathered 6 asset management companies to manage a total of 36 mutual funds that invest in a vast number of securities and other assets. MTL has launched another innovative product called Smart Linked 10/1 (Global), an index-linked insurance plan. Moreover, MTL has created an opportunity in the low interest rate situation to gain better investment returns based on designing an innovative investment product known as Smart Linked 10/1 (Global), an index-linked insurance plan on the City Index or Goldman Sachs Global Multi-Asset Index. Both financial institutes excel in asset investment in various countries, including the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe, and emerging countries, for risk diversification and capital gain.

To ensure that both MTL’s potential and existing customers enjoy stellar customer service, the Company introduced MTL Smile Service, with the concept “Beyond Normal Coverage” to offer services in various forms to meet the needs of all types of lifestyles. It provides innovative services, technology, caring support teams as well as special privileges, and more convenient contact channels. The aim of these services is to deliver happiness to customers as they join MTL’s journey from the very first moment they express their interest in the Company’s products to the after-sales process.

The Company has recently launched a new application called MTL Click as a one-stop service to keep up with customers’ changing health habits. It is designed to facilitate and customize after-sales services and has features such as finding locations of network hospitals, tracking claim status, and requesting changes in policy details or an access to policies of family members in order to make premium payments. As an added security, the application uses biometric login to ensure security and enhance user experience.

Another feature is the Telemedicine service, which enables group insurance members to consult doctors online and receive medication instead of going to doctor appointments in hospitals. Customers are also able to request certificates of premium payments to be used as evidence for tax deduction.  

MTL has fully mobilized the bancassurance business it has in place with Kasikornbank Public Company Limited. It also intends to look for other financial institutions as business partners to acquire new customers and opportunities. Also, MTL has developed multi-distribution channels to reach customers in every segment, including agency channel as a financial planner that is capable of advising and formulating plans to create wealth for each customer, bancassurance channel, broker and online sales channel, allowing customers to access insurance via various digital platforms such as KPlus and Shopee. Furthermore, MTL is determined to expand its business across the ASEAN Economic Community, specifically in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam, as it continually seeks new opportunities to expand to other countries to become competitive in Asia.


In an effort to improve the productivity and comfort of its employees, The Garage by Muang Thai Life was created to encourage MTL employees to be active and creative in their choice of innovative workspace, whether at workplace, in a meeting room, or on the open terrace. The workspace is supplemented with digital infrastructure, agile innovation culture, and a dedicated relaxation area. Moreover, MTL promotes better internal communication and increases collaboration among employees via the CAP OFF event with its various activities. These activities create bonding opportunities for employees and thus contribute to a positive workplace culture.

In January 2020, MTL held an opening ceremony for Sarnsara Learning Centre by MTL. The eco-friendly facility was designed to have open spaces with energy-saving features. It is fully equipped with learning facilities and accommodation. Sarnsara Learning Centre serves as a development hub for employees, agents and related parties, which will help lead to the creation of the best solutions for MTL customers which, in turn, will lead to the organization’s sustainable growth.

Over the years, MTL has earned much recognition for its excellence, receiving many prestigious awards in many categories such as Life Insurance Company of the Year, leadership, innovation, services, branding and good governance. These awards include The Life Insurance Company of the Year (2014, 2017 and 2018) from Asia Insurance Review, Executive Champion of the Year Award at Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2019, Most Innovative Life Insurance Company – Thailand 2019 from International Business Magazine, Best Service Provider – Life Insurance 2019 from Money & Banking Awards, Superbrands Thailand Award for 13 consecutive years (2006-2018), and TCC Best Award 2019 from the Thai Chamber of Commerce Business Ethics Standard Test Award 2019.

“Going beyond a mere life insurance company, Muang Thai Assurance has revolutionized the industry with depth and width of product lines which cater to all needs and situations” 

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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