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Mixed Blessings

Mixmediaworx demonstrates how to run a big business in a small town.

Mixmediaworx, or MMW, is a full-service creative agency originating from Brunei Darussalam. From graphic design to creative strategy, corporate identity to brand management, social media marketing to digital advertising, web development to magazine publications, MMW has made its mark by offering its clients intelligent ideas designed for an evolving world.
MMW is propelled by the strong belief that true innovation is spawned by engaging clients in the creative process, cultivating a clash of ideas, and acquiring as much valuable insight as possible in order to make a much wider and more compelling impact on the marketplace.

Incorporated in March 2009, MMW now has over 30 creative members collectively, with its headquarters in the strategic Anggerek Desa Technology Park, Berakas, in the capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan. The agency manages approximately 60 clients and roughly 240 projects a year, despite the challenge of sourcing skilled local talents with focused expertise, which MMW does by actively keeping track of Brunei’s potential future game-changers.

The size of the market in which the agency serves brings about special challenges which MMW bravely undertakes. Aside from offering comprehensive creative solutions under one roof, from concept to execution, the company also broadcasts on its very own media platforms. It ensures a steady stream of work by conducting frequent market surveys, maintaining strong client relations and implementing the latest and most effective market trends. Creative retainer contracts and market creation also help MMW weather the storms of change and possible economic downturns of the future.
In order to be recognised as the leader in Brunei’s creative industry, MMW has shored up its services with the birth of Mint, MMW’s interactive division, spearheaded by developers and programmers adept in all areas of web design and a host of major programming and scripting languages. Mint is an ICT-certified company and is an official AITI Accredited Business, as well as being a Microsoft Silver Partner and Cloud Solution Provider.

Another subsidiary of MMW, Mixel was developed to help broaden an advertiser’s digital reach. Mixel is Brunei’s fastest growing digital media provider, with digital displays visible in over 25 prime locations nationwide. Mixel is also the appointed agency for all digital advertisements throughout the airport, for which MMW is the official creative partner.

MMW has distinguished itself on the regional advertising playing field by creatively managing the branding of the 2009 APEC CEO Summit, a global leadership conference that attracted a worldwide audience. The Agency also scored another first when it was awarded a 10 year contract as the main advertising agency for Standard Chartered Brunei, beginning 2010 working in partnership with TBWA Singapore towards ensuring a high level of consistency and maintaining creative standard for the bank. MMW also established BHC Magazine, Brunei’s first home lifestyle magazine in 2012 and was awarded a 5-year contract as the main marketing agency for Brunei International airport in 2016.
MMW hopes to embark on a regional expansion plan to nearby Borneo, beginning with Sabah and Sarawak, and then foraying into Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in the next 5 years. “To help our clients improve their business through the most talked about creative solutions, and to be a fully homegrown agency with international levels of achievements and creative standards is what MMW aspires to,” says the Founder and Executive Creative Director Azlan Ahmad. As to whether SMEs can succeed beyond the markets they usually operate in, Azlan says, “Absolutely, as long as our agency’s inherent culture and values are seamlessly integrated as the business expands beyond our borders.”

Apart from competitive pricing, MMW’s management team believes in underlining the importance of growing relations with its clients, as well as rewarding its most dedicated staff. It also sees expanding its business through the introduction/evolution of divisions such as audiovisual, social, digital and online, to be most crucial in keeping an even course through the next 5 years. This will need to be done in tandem with learning and development programmes for its employees, particularly in the creative areas such as copywriting, social media marketing, motion graphics and 3D animation.

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