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Industry Champion Of The Year

Megamas Training Company Sdn Bhd

Industry Champion Of The Year


About Megamas

“We must ensure that workers safety is always our first and foremost consideration and priority”

Since its inception in 1989, Megamas Training Company Sdn Bhd (Megamas) has always emphasised a positive health and safety culture in which safe behaviour is fully integrated into everything an organisation does. It strives to ensure that its clients understand the need for active participation in safety at all levels, as a positive safety culture obligates people to work in a safe manner.

Megamas offers a whole range of HSE consultation and training solutions for any industry. HSE management involves managing, controlling and handling all aspects of health, safety and the environment in the petroleum industry – with the focus on major accident risk. The company was the first in Brunei Darussalam to provide training courses for Maritime, Offshore, Transportation, Environment, Materials Handling and others, as well as consultation services for HSE policy, documentation and safe systems of work.

In 2000, after Megamas became the only training provider in the region to hold OPITO (the skills organisation for the oil and gas industry) standards, especially for offshore training with the TBOSIET
(Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training), the company had little competition for a few years. This changed in 2005, when contractors were allowed to train elsewhere in the region with OPITO standards, especially in Miri, Sarawak. Recent years has seen competition from within Brunei Darussalam with new training providers beginning to open up. 

However, the company’s reputation for international, high quality training, along with its totally integrated site has ensured its successful continuation of training provision to major clients such as Brunei Shell Petroleum, TOTAL, BLNG, Petroleum Brunei, and their respective contractors.

An additional component to the company’s continued success has been its flexibility in rescheduling courses at no cost to their clients, and training small numbers of participants at weekends. An efficient, proactive marketing department also ensures that Megamas clients are kept abreast of new courses, and the company’s competitive prices, both by direct liaison and via a quarterly Newsletter, which highlights the company’s courses/activities, and its contribution to the local community.

The feedback on all courses averages over 95% in the ‘very good’ and ‘good’ categories. All training is delivered in a very safe environment, with Megamas having achieved ’25 Years LTI Free’ safety performance, for the absence of serious injuries after 25 years of training. Megamas is approved by OPITO, RoSPA, LEEA, ISO 9001 :2008, CITB, CIEH and IAAST. The company delivers over 120 different HSE training courses and also conducts consultancy services, having also completed many projects with the Brunei Government’s various departments and agencies.
To be an industry champion, Megamas has consistently remained focused on its core belief that workers’ safety must always be the first and foremost priority. Improving HSE performance is a collective effort which requires diligence and the rewarding of good performance.

Megamas has always emphasised growth and development, and, as such is always looking for ways and means to become better, both in the services it delivers as well as the facilities it provides. The company also ensures its Mission Statement becomes ingrained in its corporate beliefs by holding daily Tool Box Talks with the operational staff, and regular weekly/quarterly and yearly meetings which enables staff participation. Out-of-work activities are also carried out regularly so that staff get a chance to bond.

The belief that a company’s strengths are in its people has led Megamas to ensure that a ‘family’ culture runs strongly through all levels of the organisation. Over 40 percent of its staff have been with the company for more than ten years.

Megamas employees have been given self-development opportunities and career progression via local and overseas training. Megamas is recognised as one of the leading employers for Local Bruneian Development {LBD) with 90 percent locals employed with the company, in keeping with its focus on the recruitment, training and development of local Bruneian citizens in line with the aspirations of that Nation.

As with every business, Megamas has been forced to weather changes. Most significant has been competition from other training providers in the
region, which took advantage of the fact that Megamas’ operations were, at one time, entirely focused in Brunei Darussalam. This was overcome by the company building up their marketing department, continually emphasising their quality training at competitive prices, and promoting Megamas as a transparent and beneficial training partner.

Megamas now trains outside Brunei; delivering courses in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. Megamas also ensures all instructors have attended Train the Trainer courses. In addition, all offshore and HSE instructors have obtained OPITO Competence Assessor qualifications. The defensive driving instructors are all RoSPA-approved, with material handling instructors all LEEA-approved.

As a forward-thinking corporation, Megamas acknowledges that business could potentially be affected by the fluctuations in oil prices and Brunei’s oil production. In addition, increasing competition from the startup of new training providers also pose a threat to the business in Brunei. Measures taken to balance out these threats include plans to start up business in other countries, in particular Singapore and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

As models of good governance, Megamas believes that companies need to invest in the quality, motivation and experience of their front line supervisors, and truly build up a strong management culture which is grounded in good leadership and commitment. It also stresses recognition, reward and consequence management based on the provision of clear responsibilities and the elimination of a culture of blame.

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