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Maxigen Biotech Inc.

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MBI-Taiwan's Leading Biomaterials Brand

Established in 1998, Maxigen Biotech Inc. (MBI) is a Taiwanese biomedical company specializing in collagen and hyaluronic acid products, including intra-articular injections, synthetic bone grafts, and more. With certifications including CE and FDA, MBI has obtained a total of 68 global product certifications, allowing their products to be distributed in over 22 countries. MBI, now a member of the TCI Group with major shareholders such as TCI Bio, GIH Group, and NuVasive Inc., reported a revenue surpassing USD20 million in 2022. This success follows MBI’s strategic collaboration with 500 local medical organizations and 175 global customers.

MBI is confident in the sustained demand for its products even amid economic downturns, attributing this certainty to a foundation of robust supply chain management, cost control, and continuous R&D.
Aiming to boost the overall quality of life for people worldwide, MBI is confronted by expected challenges, such as increasing competition, regulatory compliance, and changing market demands. To address them, MBI is accelerating market penetration through timely applications for medical device licenses. Currently, MBI receives certifications including QMS, ISO13485 and MDSAP quality system, underscoring our commitment to regulatory excellence. Simultaneously, MBI is strategically attracting global scientific talent and leveraging automation to enhance production capacity. These initiatives are geared towards meeting the escalating demand and expanding revenue targets.

“Delighting the Life of Human“

MBI’s dedication to making a positive impact on consumers, society, and the environment. We remain dedicated to infusing vitality into Taiwan’s biotech sector and providing innovative solutions for global healthcare.

MBI’s commitment to three core values:

  • Innovative R&D: Enhancing Consumer Lives
  • Embracing Social Responsibility in Action
  • Implementing Environmental Sustainability

As a business prioritizing talent development, MBI offers comprehensive learning and development programs in R&D product design, manufacturing compliance, and sales and marketing. Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), MBI engages in activities like mountain and beach cleanups, carbon reduction, and support for social welfare and disadvantaged groups. The company extends its CSR efforts internationally by actively participating in global philanthropic initiatives, exemplified by providing free clinics for arthritis in Palau. Additionally, MBI contributes to education in remote areas of Taiwan, fostering knowledge about the medical device industry among students.


The company’s resilience is further reinforced by a commitment to customer due diligence, selective partnerships, and global expansion efforts, including active collaborations with internationally recognized clients. MBI’s focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and financial stability solidify its position, ensuring adaptability and growth in a dynamic market landscape. 


Differentiating themselves through superior product quality, expertise in global medical device regulations, comprehensive marketing, and collaborations with key opinion leaders (KOLs), MBI has evidently set its products and services apart. It also remains abreast of and addresses evolving market demands by collaborating with leading hospitals, participating in exhibitions internationally, and strategically partnering with customers to better understand their needs.

In recognition of its accomplishments and business integrity, MBI was recently named one of Asia’s Leading SMEs by Asia’s Corporate Leadership and Sustainability Awards (ACES). MBI aspires to leverage on this achievement to expand its supply chain and collaborate with more local and international customers, so as to further drive the growth of the industry on a global stage as it continues to push the boundaries of healthcare technology and innovation.

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