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Growth, Excellence, and Sustainable Progress

Matrix Concept Holdings Berhad is Fuelling Revenue Growth Through Diverse Ventures and Community Connections

Matrix Concept Holdings Berhad (“MCHB”) was established in 1996. Based in Malaysia, its principal business operations are Property Development and related services. Additionally, it also embarks on other business sectors, namely Construction, Education, Hospitality, and Healthcare, collectively referred to as MCHB’s five pillars of strength. This diversified portfolio allows MCHB to leverage operational synergies within its business model and value chain, ultimately enhancing the value proposition of its townships and standalone property developments.

MCHB excels across its various domains. In property development, it proudly holds a place among Malaysia’s Number 1 in the TOP 10 Developer in 2022 for market capitalization of RM1 billion and above  where it has  earned recognition for its commitment to sustainability besides property development. 

MCHB’s construction arm, Matrix Excelcon Sdn Bhd, brings extensive experience to infrastructure and real estate projects, consistently exceeding customer expectations in terms of efficiency and quality. In education, Matrix Global Schools, including Matrix Private School, Matrix International School, and Matrix International Preschool, provide a unified and top-quality educational experience. MCHB also ventured into hospitality, with d’Tempat Country Club and d’Sora Boutique Business Hotel offering exceptional leisure and business facilities. Lastly, MCHB expanded into the healthcare sector through a 30-year management agreement with Pusat Hemodialisis Mawar (“Mawar”). Its subsidiary, Matrix Medicare Sdn Bhd, oversees Mawar’s non-clinical operations. This partnership with Mawar is the first step in realizing its long-held ambition to establish a fully-fledged medical center. It underscores its commitment to harnessing the synergistic benefits of integrating its property development and healthcare businesses.

MCHB’s business model serves as a catalyst for socio-economic prosperity, fostering diverse economic activities, generating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and nurturing local supply chains and infrastructure advancements. Simultaneously, it contributes to community upliftment and an improved quality of life, reshaping local landscapes through property development.

Value creation for MCHB goes beyond financial considerations and embraces an enterprise-wide perspective that takes into account the input of stakeholders. This shared journey of value creation includes not only financial gains for the Group and investors but also non-financial elements such as environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) values that hold significance for customers, regulators, the community, and other stakeholders. While external dynamics and shifts in stakeholder perspectives may necessitate changes, the fundamental definition of enterprise value persists, encapsulating tangible and intangible positive outcomes generated through the business model, ultimately benefiting the business, customers, and society as a whole.

MCHB’s sustainability performance is guided by well-defined goals derived from its business model, value creation approach, and stakeholder perceptions. These targets are also aligned with global initiatives like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability at MCHB is a top-down commitment led by the Board of Directors through its dedicated Sustainability Committee, ensuring that ESG matters remain a focal point for the organization. Sustaining a continuous dialogue with stakeholders remains a crucial element of MCHB’s comprehensive sustainability strategy. This ongoing exchange with stakeholders plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Group’s sustainability approach is all-encompassing, making sure that it aligns with the views, perspectives, and aspirations of stakeholders, creating both financial and non-financial value that resonates with their interests.

MCHB is proactively exploring strategies to incorporate environmental and social considerations into its product offerings. MCHB is actively seeking alternative construction methods to further enhance efficiency and product quality. Simultaneously, the Group is dedicated to integrating eco-friendly features into its properties, offering homeowners environmentally conscious options like greywater utilization, reclaimed water, and advanced rainwater harvesting systems to reduce dependence on potable water sources.

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Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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