Manolito T. Tayag

Country Managing Director

Accenture, Inc.


Eminent Leaders in Asia

Manolito T. Tayag

Eminent Leaders in Asia


Country Managing Director

Accenture, Inc.


When a company’s senior executive sits on the board of an international body of experts, one can almost be certain of the ability of said leader to steer his organization to great heights

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Man of the moment.

Manolito Tayag moves from strength to strength. 

Accenture leads the Philippines IT-Business Process Services industry with its deep portfolio of services, and over 55,000 innovative and diverse talents. The industry is comprised of over 1,000 companies and over 1.3 million direct employees generating US$25 billion in revenue as of June 2018. Accenture remains among the top employer of choice for the best talents, and is the preferred partner of leading global companies, and a steward of society and the environment. 

The IT services corporation has a progressive, people-centric work culture, and prides itself on providing its employees with an empowering and inclusive work environment where team members can be their best and truest selves every day. The company leads the industry in terms of Inclusion & Diversity, having been awarded the Level 2 EDGE Move certification in 2018 (the first company in the Philippines to receive this distinction). The corporation takes pride in its (peoples with disability) PWD-friendly recruitment process and accessibility centre, a facility that features different technologies and solutions, such as Braille keyboards, specialized headphones and screen-reading software that address the unique needs of its PWD employees. The organization’s holistic Truly Human people programs encourages its employees to care for their whole selves, body, heart, mind and soul. 

With the expertise of its executives, including Manolito T. Tayag (Country Managing Director of Accenture Inc), and Accenture’s thought leadership, Accenture houses sought-after resource speakers in various external events, and conferences on topics about the industry, corporate citizenship, and business direction. Also, three of the company’s managing directors hold key positions in top IT-BPS industry associations, including the IT-Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the Contact Centre Association of the Philippines (CCAP) and the Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA). Tayag himself is the Chairman of the Board of the IT and Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), the umbrella association of the IT-BPS industry.

Learning and development is an integral part of Accenture’s business. As part of its digital transformation journey, the corporation developed Learning Roadmaps for 55,000-plus employees to help them upskill and develop competencies in Cloud, Analytics, Blockchain, Automation and other New IT platforms. The company also developed digital learning platforms, including mobile-ready solutions, collaboration tools, and online learning boards, and used immersive learning spaces and innovation competitions to speed up talent development. 

Tayag looks up to the late Washington ‘Wash’ Sycip, the founder of SGV (Accenture Philippines’ heritage). Sycip inspired him to believe in Filipino talent which in turn, urged Tayag to do his part in showcasing local talents to the rest of the world. His efforts can be seen in Accenture’s belief in the importance of empowering Filipino talent through digital upskilling. Through the Accenture-developed Skills to Succeed (S2S) Academy, a free interactive, online training program for disadvantaged young people, the corporation equipped more than 22,400 learners and jobseekers with additional skills to help them find employment.

Furthermore, Accenture has also trained more than 970 educators using the S2S Academy platform. Accenture’s Near Hire training program is a learning course that provides marginalized jobseekers with the necessary skills needed for employment. As of 2019, over 600 applicants have completed the NHT Program and more than 100 of them are now employed in business processing outsourcing and other industries. NHT is a unique Accenture program that helps its non-passing job applicants bridge their skill gaps and eventually find employment. The corporation also introduces technology to a younger generation of learners through the Hour of Code and CoderDojo learning platforms. As part of the organization’s upskilling initiatives, more than 1,980 desktop personal computers have been donated to 66 public schools to enable them to use Accenture’s online learning platforms for their students. 

To further hone the skills of the corporation’s employees, Accenture gives employees the opportunity to be assigned to another country to work with their Accenture counterparts and clients. This provides an opportunity for the company to showcase Filipino talent at a global scale. Accenture also provides people the chance to complete certifications for various technology platforms and software, which they can use for their professional advancement. 

Aside from developing technical skills on new technologies and platforms, the corporation also acknowledges the need to enhance soft skills such as leadership, collaboration, communication, creativity and the like. It provides learning programs to develop the future leaders of the organizations. The corporation’s High Potential Leadership Program, RISE Leadership Journey and First Time Leader Program and leadership mentoring are among the ways it hones the next generation of Accenture leaders.

Innovation is at the core of its business. The corporation encourages every employee to be innovators. Accenture stimulates innovation through its internal innovation competitions.  In FY19 alone, it was able to generate more than 11,000 innovation ideas that address business and societal needs. The competitions include an Innovate for Society category, where Accenture challenges its employees to work on solutions that benefit the community. An example of an innovative solution developed through the competitions is the eHealthworker App, which helps social health workers diagnose undernourished children faster.

Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship programs have implanted the spirit of volunteerism and activism in its employees. In FY19, the IT giant’s employees completed more than 58,600 volunteer hours in various programs. The corporation collected over PhP 30 million worth of donations from its employees. The funds were used to support the company’s scholarship grants for marginalized students, and for responses to relief and rebuilding efforts. 

Additionally, Accenture actively does its part to protect the environment. The corporation’s employees have successfully planted more than 7,500 seedlings covering seven hectares as part of the company’s tree planting initiative, and completed ten coastal clean-up drives across Metro Manila, Cebu and Ilocos.  

In Accenture’s pursuit of providing a diverse and inclusive workplace, it also provides training to empower women and LGBT+ employees in the workplace. In addition, the company provides Persons with Disability Sensitivity Training for its employees, to further foster an inclusive work environment for its PWD employees. To remain globally competitive, Accenture offers free language courses to employees, which they can take at their own pace, using the company’s online learning platform.

“When a company’s senior executive sits on the board of an international body of experts, one can almost be certain of the ability of said leader to steer his organization to great heights.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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