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Limelight Costume Services Limited 

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Glow in the Limelight

Limelight Costume Services Limited proves it has it all through perseverance, resourcefulness, and service quality.

Limelight Costume Services Limited was established in 2012 in Hong Kong. Fusing design, functionality and comfort, its end-to-end costuming solutions comprise of costuming consultancy, costume design, costume prototyping and production, and wardrobe management. While the enterprise started out as a humble team of 3, it is now known as one of the world’s leading costuming services providers.

Predominantly engaged in the live entertainment industry, Limelight now serves a renowned global client base with key industry players, including Universal Beijing Resort, Universal Studios Singapore, US Disneyland, Norwegian Cruise Line, Resorts World Genting Malaysia, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Wynn Las Vegas, and the La Perle by Dragone in Dubai.

Through its perseverance, resourcefulness, and service quality that is centered upon meticulous personalization and care, Limelight works to fulfill its vision of strengthening its position as an industry leader while building a brand that exemplifies professionalism and superior quality. Through the delivery of its costumes, the enterprise also advocates for artistic excellence by empowering performers in a way that reinforces their storytelling.

It hasn’t always been easy given its niche market, but the enterprise stayed the course by seeing challenges as opportunities. Notably, COVID-19 had disrupted the supply and logistics of fabrics and materials severely, and Limelight consequently pivoted from working with vendors and suppliers in China to those from all over the world despite higher costs. It was then able to stick to its delivery timelines while still fulfilling its promise of quality.

Additionally, Limelight prevailed over the increasing lack of manpower and resources in Hong Kong by potentially extending its production lines to other more cost-friendly countries, such as China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Today, the enterprise differentiates itself by creating synergy through its all-rounded solutions across 5 key areas: client-centric service, innovative thinking, professional costuming solutions, high quality deliverables, and strategic production implementation.

As a one-stop shop for costuming solutions, being flexible to adapt to change has become its second nature. Aside from reviewing its capacity, talent, and technological capabilities to keep abreast of current times, the enterprise heavily invests in research and development and equipment to merge innovation and traditional craftsmanship. This thus creates a unique business distinction that is difficult for others to replicate.

Its workforce is an integral part of its business and besides perpetuating job creation, Limelight puts emphasis on building a diverse team that is enabled to communicate, corporate, and innovate in a dynamic atmosphere brimming with mutual passion and vision. In order to refine their expertise, its on-the-job capability-building training programs are focused on costume construction and specialty techniques.

With people as its most valuable asset, Limelight’s big picture mission involves cultivating talents and harnessing their interest and passion for costuming to further cultivate the industry by promoting costuming for global live entertainment to future generations as it grows more steadily, and aims to one day diversify its business to become an international platform that develops such talent.

Limelight gets the ball rolling by prioritizing an inclusive work environment that welcomes talents and professionals from all backgrounds and nationalities regardless of age and gender. In fact, the enterprise particularly pays close attention to nurturing senior employees aged over 65 by bolstering their strengths through targeted training programs and opportunities that allow them to develop new techniques and skills.

Limelight’s win as one of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs by ACES gives rise to the enterprise’s stature, both from a B2B and B2C perspective, as it seeks to continuously forge a balance between opportunities and threats arising from its rapid business growth. This recognition also serves as a stepping stone that paves the way for the costuming industry to become a thriving one with immense potential for future upturn.

“What started out as a small business has now turned into one of the world’s leading costume services providers out there and it certainly is no easy feat. Despite a niche market, Limelight Costume Services Limited has moved with purpose and thinks beyond ‘the chasm’ to fill a gap in a way that others simply can’t.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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