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Keysight Shapes Technology for Eight Decades.

Keysight Technologies (“Keysight”), a global industry leader in the field of electronic measurement solutions, has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of innovation for over eight decades. Established in 1939, Keysight’s history is deeply intertwined with the evolution of the electrical and electronics industry. 

Keysight’s legacy is one of relentless innovation, creating a benchmark for excellence in electronic measurement. The company’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of technology is reflected in its portfolio, which offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. These industries span from communications to industrial automation, automotive to semiconductor, and general electronics markets.

What truly sets Keysight apart is its unwavering dedication to staying ahead of the curve. The company continually demonstrates industry leadership by co-innovating with its partners, understanding market trends, and moving with speed and focus to deliver innovative solutions that include hardware, software, and services – first. With an impressive collection of over 3,800 patents and a consistent stream of hundreds of new inventions each year, Keysight is a vital repository of knowledge capital.

Keysight’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its vast patent portfolio and proprietary hardware and software solutions developed in-house. . The company actively collaborates with universities, industry consortiums, and leading technology firms to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Through these partnerships, Keysight is positioned at the forefront of technology’s future and contributes to pioneering research and standards development. For instance, Keysight has been instrumental in advancing 5G technology, a pivotal development in the telecommunications industry, by contributing to global 5G standards. This proactive engagement positions Keysight as a key driver of technological advancements in the ICT sector, playing an essential role in shaping the future of wireless communications.

Keysight has secured its place as the leading choice for electronic measurement solutions. The company’s organizational structure, which is carefully tailored to meet customer needs, places it in a unique market position. This ensures Keysight offers holistic solutions that span the physical, protocol, and application layers, reaffirming its commitment to delivering unparalleled value.

In Malaysia, with its origins dating back to the early 1970s, the company has since expanded to occupy a vast 42-acre site in Penang, making its mark on the nation’s technological journey. Keysight Malaysia’s success is marked by its commitment to nurturing its human capital. The company excels in creating a positive work environment where the safety and well-being of employees take precedence. In addition, the company actively supports career development, believing that employee growth is synonymous with customer success and, in turn, its own growth. It is for these reasons that the company has received numerous recognitions, including being named one of the ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia (2022)’.

Keysight is not only an industry leader but also a torchbearer for sustainable practices and community engagement. Its dedication to environmental sustainability is evident in the establishment of Penang’s largest industry single rooftop solar power generation system..  Keysight also plays a pivotal role in advancing STEM education in Penang and Malaysia, actively engaging in outreach programs spanning primary-to-tertiary education through various platforms like science fairs, digital libraries, and STEM workshops that encompass areas such as coding and 3D modeling. While some of these workshops specifically aim to bridge the gender gap by encouraging greater participation of women in technology and engineering, the company’s commitment extends beyond this specific objective. The company provides mentorship and collaborates extensively within the broader STEM ecosystem, including schools, universities, government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations, with the goal of fostering innovation and contributing to the overall growth of the STEM community.

In terms of governance, Keysight adheres to ethical principles and champions transparency and sustainability. The company is an affiliate member of the Responsible Business Alliance, maintaining the highest standards of integrity. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keysight demonstrated exceptional corporate citizenship by establishing an on-site vaccination center that administered 18,000 doses, benefitting over 9,000 individuals, including employees of Keysight and more than 50 other companies across Penang’s industry ecosystem.

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Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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