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Innovators in Business Process Technology

IBM Business Services Inc Delivery Philippines is Advancing Business Processes Through Technological Innovation

IBM Business Services Inc. (“IBM BPO Delivery Philippines”) embarked on its journey in 2004 in Quezon City, Philippines, with a clear vision to become a premier provider of business process outsourcing services. Its steadfast commitment to innovation, adaptability, and client-centric excellence has solidified its position as pioneers in the competitive field of Business Process Operations. It exemplifies the characteristics of an “Innovative Tech Company” by staying at the forefront of technological advancements and leveraging them to develop cutting-edge solutions.

One of its cornerstones is its unwavering commitment to embracing emerging technologies. It remains agile and adaptable, byswiftly responding to market changes and evolving to industry trends, and customer demands. Its flexible and collaborative approach, including the adoption of Agile methodologies and Design Thinking principles, has enabled the company to foster innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness.

IBM BPO Delivery Philippines places its clients at the center of its strategy through deeply understanding the industries and ecosystems in which its clients operate. This customer-centric approach has resulted in strong client relationships, steady growth,, and brand loyalty from clients. By offering tailored solutions that address specific needs and pain points, it is able to innovate together with its clients to co-create change, re-imagine how work gets done, and scale impact across its businesses.

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are pivotal to driving innovation, and IBM BPO Delivery Philippines excels in this aspect. It continuously engages in collaborations and partnerships to access complementary expertise, fostering an environment of innovation and cutting-edge solutions. This dedication to collaboration has contributed significantly to its success in delivering transformative technology solutions, enabling it to achieve remarkable milestones and  to set a benchmark for the industry. IBM BPO Delivery Philippines’ ability to foster a collaborative ecosystem and leverage the expertise of its partners emphasizes its leading role in the competitive Business Process Operations field.

IBM BPO Delivery Philippines distinguishes itself with its team of Agile and Design Thinking practitioners, who leverage analytics capabilities to deliver innovative solutions. Its adept use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (“AI”), automation,and analytics, drives digital transformation for clients across industries. BPO Delivery Philippines ensures excellence in business process delivery by activating an agile workforce and enabling flexible delivery through leveraging a global network of talent. Its proven methods help clients derive value out of the services that maximize their revenue and improve employee and customer experience.

IBM BPO Delivery Philippines has had to weather numerous changes, including technological shifts, evolving market demands, and societal expectations. Through its commitment to innovation, adaptability, and strong client relationships, it has successfully navigated these changes. Its ability to embrace change with resilience is a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence and leadership in the industry.

IBM BPO Delivery Philippines is also deeply committed to nurturing the growth and development of its employees. Its programs focus on technical proficiency, certifications, badges, and industry-specific knowledge, ensuring its workforce remains relevant and equipped to deliver exceptional services to clients.

IBM, the parent company of IBM BPO Delivery Philippines, is passionately involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives on a global scale and within the Philippines. It aims to address the global skills gap and promote inclusivity by providing 30 million people with new skills for future jobs by 2030. More so, it  partners with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions to offer STEM education and job readiness programs to underrepresented communities.

Eastern Communications’ talent development and career advancement programmes are put in place to determine talents who are ready for next level, leadership roles or critical roles. The organization conducts a Talent Assessment, which determines readiness; and identifies development programs that the incumbent will need to achieve and be successful in the target position.

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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