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Care from the Inside Out

Human Dynamic Asia Pacific puts personalization and care above profits to aid organizational change.

Incorporated in 1993 in Hong Kong, Human Dynamic Asia Pacific Ltd. Co. is a distinguished consultancy firm specializing in bespoke Leadership & Change solutions with a strong presence across Asia Pacific. The firm’s highly experienced teams of industry-specific experts are now spread over 14 locations across 9 regions and partner offices in 8 other countries, serving over 100 businesses undergoing globalization and organizational change.

Human Dynamic was first established as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) company and had undergone a plethora of changes before reinventing itself with a new business model focused on Leadership & Change in 2017. Despite this recent yet major shift, Human Dynamic has made remarkable strides in regards to its performance and growth, not only prudently transforming its own business but also that of its clients.

With values centered upon servant leadership, stewardship, growth, community, and service, Human Dynamic’s big picture mission in catalyzing change involves developing leaders through tailored methodologies, building strong talent pipelines and implementing continuous learning strategies, and transforming organizations with strategic keys to achieve breakthrough value.

Human Dynamic is the only SME consulting firm in Hong Kong that has grown regionally and globally to this day, but it was an arduous journey getting there. The firm struggled to compete with bigger consulting players and instead, tapped into global companies with regional offices and fast-growing SMEs, thus remaining boutique and dynamic. It was also challenging for the firm to attain Leadership & Change business as it had a prior reputation as an EAP provider.

Through its Leading Change Project (LCP) launched in 2018, Human Dynamic underwent strategic change in corporate identity and market positioning as well as capacity building internally to up the firm’s competencies and create a culture of innovation, which is now an ongoing practice. The firm also opened new markets and further developed current business lines, all while the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recessions hit.

Human Dynamic’s comprehensive integrated solutions help organizations target their most critical challenges. Turning valuable metrics into meaningful insights, Human Dynamic’s integrated solutions, such as leadership development programs, change management consulting, outplacement consulting, employee engagement programs, corporate wellness programs, critical incidence management, and other training and development programs, have resulted in numerous successes.

At the core, Human Dynamic looks beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach in business, allowing it to improve market intelligence, reach scale without mass, and access regional markets and knowledge networks at a relatively low cost. In 2021, the firm’s profit margin increased from 2% to over 8%, with a USDD5.3M revenue, which has increased from 2020 despite the impact of the pandemic.

With people as its strongest asset, Human Dynamic explores the relationships between internal teams to address complex business situations through the development of leadership, talent, ways of working, and technological capabilities to support innovation from the inside out. This helps its employees develop ownership while providing them with opportunities for visibility and measurable impact on a path to building a new generation of ambitious creatives.

Business growth aside, the firm also gives back 10% of its profits to charitable organizations to help the poor and needy, and values diversity and inclusion with employee wellness and work life integration as one of its top priorities. Additionally, Human Dynamic often goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of its clients outside of their scope, with initiatives such as crisis and grief counseling plans.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023, Human Dynamic aims to continue delivering sustainable and inclusive growth internally and externally as it seeks to become the leading Leadership & Change consultancy in Asia Pacific. With the conviction that branding starts from inside of the company, ACES strongly lauds Human Dynamic as one of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs of 2022.

“Undeterred by various challenges and adversities, Human Dynamic Asia Pacific has managed to come out on top through true authenticity across every strata of its operations. The way in which it cares for its clients and its own people while transforming its business is an exceptional feat.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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