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Registered in 1935 in the Philippines, Globe Telecom (Globe) is recognized as the Philippines’ leading provider of full-service telecommunications. It currently has over 8,00 employees and serve over 86 million mobile subscribers which comprise of individuals, small and medium businesses, and corporate and enterprise clients. Their stable of products and services range from mobile, fixed, broadband, and data connectivity to managed services. 

In 2009, under the leadership of their Chief Executive Officer Ernest Cu, Globe embarked on an ambitious and massive digital transformation journey, which led the company to re-establish itself as a challenger brand and eventually move up as the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. This further led to the development of multiple subsidiaries and affiliates encompassing a growing portfolio of businesses in healthtech, adtech, edutech and e-commerce.

As a purpose-driven company, Globe is dedicated to sharing its core values, known as the Globe Way Values, in every interaction with their customers and employees. In living out the Globe Way Values, Globe is able to fulfill their purpose: “In everything that we do, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good”, and ultimately realize their vision of creating a Philippines where families, businesses, and the nation are empowered and admired. 

With its mission being ‘to create wonderful experiences for people to have choices, overcome challenges, and discover new ways to enjoy life’, Globe provides customers the chance to enjoy choices of new technology, new products, new features, new channels, new partners and new store formats. It empowers its customers by bringing them closer to what matters most, not only in the improvement of lives, but to also enjoy the power of choice in obtaining the best form of entertainment from their own homes; and customizing data and promotions suited to their lifestyle. 

Relentless in their efforts to provide a first-world network to the Filipino people, Globe continuously find ways to elevate the experience of their customers through a wide range of connectivity options from mobile to data. It intends for the experience of better call, SMS and data browsing services to be highly accessible not only in highly-urbanized areas but also in rural areas. 

To support this, Globe expanded its 1,407 new cell sites nationwide to include both 4G LTE and 5G, an eight percent increase from last year. It also upgraded over 22,000 mobile sites, and installed over 2,000 5G outdoor sites. On the fixed-line front, Globe installed over 1.4 million lines, exceeding its target for 2021. This resulted in an improved service consistency score of 79.45 from January to March 2022 and earned them a citation from Ookla® as the Philippines’ Most Consistent Mobile Network. 

Its expansion efforts brought 5G technology to 96 percent of Metro Manila and 84 percent of key cities in Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines. It is also continuously enabling Filipinos with 5G connection, through 5G-specific data offers and budget-friendly 5G devices for subscribers to experience the full power of this new technology. Apart from this, Globe’s 5G roaming services expanded to more countries in Europe, making them the first Philippine telco to have the widest 5G coverage on the continent.

Despite the pandemic and the devastation brought upon by Super Typhoon Odette, Globe showed resilience in its operations and financial growth. The network’s capital investment of P92.8 billion, with the primary goal of giving the Filipinos better and more meaningful digital experiences through accelerating the roll-out of high-speed internet, and upgrading of cell site build, proved to be a successful and worthy investment, as the company closed the previous year with revenues of P151.5 billion, surpassing its revenues pre-pandemic, and last year’s revenues by four percent. 

Home Broadband and Corporate Data was the big driver of this success, given the increased data consumption among the Filipinos who were largely working from home. Globe closed the previous year with a total mobile subscriber base of 86.8 million, a growth of 13 percent from last year. 

Its efforts in operating and maintaining best-in-class operations has earned Globe numerous accolades in various aspects of their business. Among some of the awards include, ‘Fastest Growing 5G Network Service Provider’ and ‘Best Telecommunications CEO’ by International Finance Awards (IFA), ‘Most Transformational Award’ in the Inaugural SAP Best Run Awards 2021 by SAP Southeast Asia and a host of other categories from Stevies International Business Awards.

Globe’s corporate governance standards and practices were also award winning and recognized as internationally competitive, having been repeatedly acknowledged by domestic and international award-giving bodies. This continued in 2021 despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, displaying their commitment to the principles and best practices of corporate governance in the attainment of their corporate goals.

Globe has also invested a considerable amount of thought and resources on the community front. Through ‘Globe Bridging Communities, Globe’s corporate social responsibility platform, the company is able to bring focus and assistance to underserved communities nationwide. Its goal is to provide them with relevant and innovative solutions that harness the power of collaboration and inclusivity through information and communications technology. 

Among one of its efforts is assisting the education sector through the provision of a reliable and affordable internet connection, which is crucial for distance learning. It provided free Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi modems and pocket WiFis to select public school teachers and students who had no access to the internet. 

As an added support to the Philippines’ desire to provide better learning experiences during the pandemic, Globe also launched various e-learning solutions, one of which is ‘edVenture’, an online learning platform to assist teachers and students who are in need of access to online tutorials or consultations. 

For Globe, winning another year’s ACES ‘Industry Champions of the Year’ award would not only demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, but will also be a manifestation of the right steps taken toward fulfilling their purpose of creating a ‘Globe of Good’.

“The consistency of this corporation is a thing of beauty, both from the business and social responsibility fronts. Globe has never rested on its laurels, and continued to strive for better, driven as it is to ensure a better way of communicating, entertaining, learning and relaxing for all Filipinos.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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