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Driving the Future of Mobility

FORVIA ASEAN asserts dominance through new technologies and sustainable solutions as the way forward.

Originally hailing from France in 1997 as Faurecia with its first ASEAN entity established in 2011, Thailand’s FORVIA, which is involved in the automotive and technology business, was created in 2022 and provides automotive solutions for safe, sustainable, advanced, and customised mobility across 6 business groups – seating, interiors, electronics, clean mobility, lighting, and lifecycle solutions – and 24 product lines.

FORVIA comprises the complementary technology and industrial strengths of Faurecia and HELLA, and is focused on becoming the preferred innovation and integration partner for OEMS worldwide. As a global leader in automotive technology, FORVIA develops technologies for future mobility that provide not only cost competitiveness, but also operational excellence across the value chain to achieve total customer satisfaction. It brings 2 automotive technology leaders together, fusing their complementary performance-driven cultures, and being guided by a shared vision for a sustainable future.

Despite the high competition within the automotive industry and having to go head to head against both global players and local suppliers, FORVIA is now the 7th largest automotive technology company worldwide, with an annual revenue of roughly 25 billion Euros. Today, 1 in 2 vehicles in the world is equipped by FORVIA, and in the ASEAN region, the company mainly produces parts for Ford, Nissan, Vinfast, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, and Great Wall, amongst others.

With global megatrends changing the industry, such as automated driving, zero-emissions mobility, and sustainable automotive design, FORVIA recently acquired a controlling interest in HELLA, a leading German automotive part supplier, to accelerate its transformation and deliver a bigger range of components to its customers, from fuel cells to seating and electronic components to a full cockpit.

Aside from the acquisition of HELLA and becoming a unified company in 2022 with its highly advanced technology portfolio, FORVIA’s past successes have been nothing short but extraordinary. After having the opportunity to showcase the company’s technology in CES Las Vegas in 2018, Faurecia joined forces with Michelin in 2019 through a joint venture company, Symbio, pooling their hydrogen fuel cell activities together to play a key role in the development of zero emissions mobility.

The Faurecia Foundation was later launched in 2020 as a corporate social responsibility program to support innovative and forward-thinking initiatives focused on 3 themes: Education, Mobility, and the Environment. Faurecia then committed to the new Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard in 2022 so as to set science-based targets to reach net-zero global emissions by no later than 2050, with an aim to limit global warming to 1.5°C as aligned with the ambitious Paris Agreement – a legally binding global treaty on climate change.

FORVIA, which aptly has all of its plants certified with ISO 14001:2015 for the environmental management system, prudently takes into consideration the environmental impact that cars have on the plant, and has environmental awareness as one of its key pillars to the future. In fact, the company aims to be carbon neutral by 2025, on top of its net-zero global emissions goal.

On a similar note in line with sustainability, FORVIA makes positive contributions to society across its ecosystem by tackling global warming and meeting the challenges of future generations based on 6 convictions: Being carbon neutral; remaining agile and investing in innovation to keep up with and anticipate technology trends; preserving natural resources and address environmental issues; a system of transparency and dialogue within the company; workforce diversity; and contributing to economic development and the creation of social value.

Sustainability aside, FORVIA makes just as much of an impact internally with its over 1,000 employees across ASEAN, and successfully ensured the protection of all its people with no severe COVID-19 cases by ascertaining full access to vaccinations. Through its One HQ & One Team initiative, diverse teams, like its sales, finance, and management teams, were also unified under one office to ensure strong teamwork and deliver better products to customers.

FORVIA’s employees enjoy various other benefits, such as a full life and health insurance, a provident fund on top of the government pension fully supported by the company, and an annual leave allocation that is higher than the average market. Furthermore, housing, transportation, and meal allowance are also offered to employees in accordance to their respective needs, and it is evident that the company has been able to keep its human capital turnaround relatively low.

Aside from that, FORVIA champions internal mobility and the career development of its talent as one of its pillars as it maintains that the wellbeing of its teams secures the company’s success in the market. In light of career development, the company’s FORVIA University partners with academia to give its employees access to knowledge, with 4 main areas of focus, comprising innovation, management of complexity, teamwork, and resilience. FORVIA University also extends specific courses for both soft and hard skills as well as local training activities addressing specific needs, such as intercultural training, public speaking, English, and so on.

FORVIA’s influence on the automotive industry is most definitely unshakeable, and the automotive and technology leader asserts that being crowned Industry Champions of the Year by ACES is a culmination of all the hard work by the people involved in FORVIA’s operations over the past 10 years. Moving forward, FORVIA aspires to further advance sustainable solutions for the industry as the way forward to create more mobility experiences that are increasingly meaningful.

“AstraZeneca Thailand’s dedication to a better world of work, exhibited through excellent staff-oriented policies, a life-long learning culture, and an inclusive workplace where employees can thrive and develop makes it an organization worthy of ACES.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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