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Farm Fresh Sdn. Bhd.

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Benefitting Udders.

Milking the benefits of fresh milk. 

Farm Fresh Sdn. Bhd., established in 2010, delivers fresh milk-based products that are processed without preservatives and artificial coloring. The Malaysian company specializes in the rearing of dairy cows and the production, marketing and sale of cows’ milk.

Farm Fresh, one of the fastest growing companies in the local dairy industry, is poised to benefit from the shift in consumer preferences towards fresh milk, on account of its superior taste and higher nutritional content relative to reconstituted milk. Farm Fresh’s extensive multi-channel distribution model allows for maximum penetration into different customer markets.

Additionally, the company promotes its products through the Farm Fresh Home Dealer network, extending its distribution beyond traditional retail channels, creating a significant competitive advantage over large multi-national companies and at the same time developing a group of more than 2,500 micro-entrepreneurs and sharing wealth with society. 

The company, which collaborates with tertiary scientific research firms to introduce further innovations to animal health and welfare, aligns its day-to-day operations with the prevailing standards for good agricultural practice, including guidelines from the World Organization for Animal Health and Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP).

Farm Fresh has also adopted humane animal practices catered to maximize comfort and reduce stress in hot tropical climate. Farm Fresh’s farms in Malaysia are the first in Asia to receive the Certified Humane® Raised and Handled® certification, which means that the dairy products that comes from our farm meet the precise, objective standards for the humane treatment of farm animals. The company also has exclusive access to the Australian Friesian Sahiwal breed, a superior dairy breed that is ideally suited to the tropics.

Farm Fresh remains firmly committed to eschewing preservatives and artificial colorings across its full product line, with its ethos of using fresh milk instead of powder-based formulations. Furthermore, the company has developed complementary dairy products, such as plant-based milk, without compromising on its nutritional promises and commitments. In addition, farms and production facilities have been accredited by myGAP (Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (The Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

The company has managed to keep staff turnover low by investing heavily in its human capital. To this end, Farm Fresh has adopted work safety practices that include hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control procedures.

In addition to providing comfortable housing and meal subsidies to employees, Farm Fresh offers gainful employment and career advancement opportunities to rural and indigenous populations near its farms. Farm Fresh believes in empowering and educating the younger generation with knowledge about the importance of balanced nutrition through its school-based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Accordingly, the company works in collaboration with Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in a campaign which aims to raise awareness on the importance of healthy, safe, and hygienic food practices in schools.

The campaign encourages engagement from members across the school community including students, canteen operators and the Parents and Teachers Association (PIBG).

The company has also participated in the Ministry of Education’s supplementary food program for primary school students from rural areas and low-income households since 2018. The program provides the additional food by supplying UHT chocolate milk packets in every meal.

As one of Asia’s Best Performing Companies, the enterprise believes that the internationally recognized accolade will be an enduring testament to its high standards in terms of being a successful business both financially, as well as being a leader in promoting and encouraging sound sustainability practices into its corporate culture.

“The business of fresh food is one fraught with many challenges, and yet, to the bold, it yields exceptionally fulfilling results, the least of which is the delivery of a pure, untainted, healthful product to a desiring public. The Holstein Milk Company makes Malaysia proud by managing to build sound business practices into meeting the dairy needs of the populace. ”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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