Innovative Tech Companies of the Year


Innovative Tech Companies of the Year


about Everise

Breaking the Mould Through Technology and People

Global firm disrupts the business process outsourcing industry through innovation and its people-first culture.

Over the past five years, Everise has established its entity as a global leader in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, helping some of the world’s most trusted brands to deliver transformational customer experiences.

Everise innovates to help their partners scale across borders, leveraging some 13,000 expert agents and investing in building a groundbreaking technology stack that features artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies. Technology enables Everise to deliver over 600,000 experiences daily, in over 20 languages, from multiple contact centers across the globe. Key verticals in which Everise excels include healthcare and technology.

As a next-generation BPO company, Everise depends on rigorous, robust digital infrastructure to deliver and evolve experiences for its people and partners. The company has made momentous strides growing their team to more than 13,000 people of 66 diverse nationalities, based in 7 geographies.

As demands shift, Everise has continued to evolve with utmost flexibility and has become increasingly agile in the manner in which it engages with other businesses. Among Everise’s most prominent milestones to date is having transformed from being a pure customer experience solutions provider into a multifaceted end-to-end experience company.

The company’s relentless tenacity has further persisted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides having transitioned 95% of its workforce into a remote work setup within 2 weeks on an organisational level, Everise launched a work-at-home solution for its clients that allows the facilitation of a functional home-based digital workforce that is safe and secure.

Everise regards technology and people as its greatest assets and doesn’t only put their clients first. Internally, the award-winning trailblazer lives up to its unprecedented people-first culture by valuing the professional development and wellbeing of its employees as much as its bottom line, so much so that it has amassed numerous awards attributing to its game-changing inclusive work environment.

Everise has long been committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion and has laid out various initiatives for the betterment of its workforce. Amongst these initiatives are comprehensive learning and development programs, a global exchange program, and assorted AI-powered tools and virtual learning platforms that encourage an exchange of knowledge and culture amongst its workforce while extending ongoing organisational support to champion their growth.

Everise continues to employ top talent in line with its business continuity plans, and elevates experiences for people beyond its BPO work through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, which highlight its employees and the neighbourhoods in which they work.

In driving Everise’s thriving success, award-winning CEO Sudhir Agarwal finds a balance between autonomy and alignment in his leadership approach. The Delhi University and Manchester Business School graduate, who commands over 20 years of industry experience, empowers others to become leaders themselves while staying true to his vision, thus creating space for others to grow, become more creative, and incubate innovation in the process.

“Everise has forward-thinking innovation and agility at the top of its agenda, both in regards to transformational business process outsourcing for its clients as well as the professional development of its workforce. It takes tremendous commitment and readiness in order to innovate efficiently, and Everise has evidently broken boundaries to triumph in that respect.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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