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Electrical Civil Mechanical Engineering Sole Co., Ltd

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about Electrical Civil Mechanical Engineering Sole Co., Ltd

Trailblazing in the Field of Electrical Construction

Electrical Civil Mechanical Engineering Sole Co., Ltd makes a splash by being a catalyst of change for women and Lao PDR.

Established in 2009, Electrical Civil Mechanical Engineering Sole Co., Ltd (ECME) is a leading electrical construction goods and services provider in Lao PDR, specializing in the installation, maintenance, inspection, and testing of equipment in buildings, the supply, installation, and maintenance of generators, transformers and air conditioners, the supply of instrumentation equipment.

The enterprise, which prides itself on being compliant to the AS/NZS 3000:2007 Australia and New Zealand wiring regulatory standards, bids for projects and has a customer base consisting of industrial clients such as mining companies and beverage factories, commercial clients consisting of commercial buildings, banks, hotels, hospitals, and offices, international organizations, embassies, and individuals.

With an industry like electrical construction, health and safety failings can have grave consequences. Fortunately, ECME has been highly cognizant of this and its health and safety standards, alongside service quality, take utmost precedence. These 2 constituents combined, coupled with its adaptability to change, are also the very reasons ECME has become the business titan it is today.

As a champion for first-class health and safety standards, ECME ensures the safety and wellbeing of its workforce and customers by prioritizing the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), hand tools, and quality products with excellent warranties. Evidently, its employees are diligently trained to sensibly manage occupational risks so as to mitigate workplace related injuries and incidentals effectively.

Despite being a male-dominated industry, ECME is led by female entrepreneur Siriphone Phanthavongs who often advocates the leveling of the playing field by encouraging more women to step up while striving to build a culture that supports women. Furthermore, several CSR programs have been developed for this intent specifically, including its Female Mentorship and Females in Leadership programs.

One of the primary building blocks of competitiveness is an astute business model and ECME’s is a multi-channel approach that promotes its business online via digital marketing while perpetuating its service quality through its goods and services offline in person. ECME regards this approach as the key to ensuring unparalleled customer experiences that are second to none.

In retaining its competitive edge, ECME keeps the enterprise ahead of the game through the development of human capabilities, and by investing in deeper relationships with its clients and suppliers. More importantly, ECME is determined to become a role model for other companies within the country, not only by way of its health and safety standards, but also by taking concise action on its goals.

Unsurprisingly, these strategies have worked remarkably for the enterprise, with one of its most recent milestones marking its entry into being a part of Électricité du Laos (EDL), a state-owned corporation that owns and operates the country’s electricity generation, transmission, and distribution assets, as well as its endeavor into hydro power plants as an alternative source of electricity.

On top of creating job opportunities and contributing to skill labour as well as the country’s development, ECME strongly emphasizes learning and development programs for its employees that consist of online and offline courses based on specific fields, including client servicing, technical areas, and other soft skills to ascertain that its team is growing with their roles.

ECME also enacts positive change in regards to social responsibility. Its 365 Days 365 Trees program, for instance, involves planting and caring for trees within temples across Santhong, Xaiyabouly and Vientiane. Additionally, ECME contributes to Lao PDR’s human capital development by partnering with government training centers and colleges, and supports communities through its female-centric programs and by promoting the country’s handicraft.

As an ACES winner clinching the title of Asia’s Most Promising SMEs, ECME substantiates its position as a catalyst of change, particularly in giving rise to female inclusion within male-dominated industries. It is a testament to the incredible leadership of female powerhouse Phanthavongs, but is also extremely symbolic to the women of Lao PDR in similar male-led workplaces.

“Electrical Civil Mechanical Engineering Sole Co. Ltd breaks the glass ceiling in regards to setting exceptionally high standards for itself and then proving that it actually has what it takes to not only keep but exceed these standards. It is incredible what powerful leadership, coupled with sheer diligence, can do.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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