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DKSH Vietnam Co. Ltd.

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In 2015, DKSH Holding Ltd. (DKSH) celebrated its 150th anniversary while DKSH Vietnam celebrated its 125th year of operations. DKSH was founded by three Swiss entrepreneurs and is headquartered in Zurich. Nevertheless, DKSH is deeply rooted in communities all across Asia. Out of 825 business locations in 37 markets, 800 of them are in Asia. DKSH prides itself on its understanding of Asia and its people. Employees possess valuable local expertise and market knowledge that help businesses grow and thrive in Asia.
DKSH began business activities in Vietnam in 1890 in the cities of Saigon and Haiphong. For the subsequent 60 years, DKSH Vietnam was active in importing products and also representing shipping lines and insurance companies. It withdrew from Vietnam in 1955 due to the war, and re-entered in 1991. Attracted by the government’s open-door policy in the early 1990s, DKSH obtained an operating license for Diethelm Vietnam Co., Ltd. as a fully foreign-invested enterprise providing sales, marketing and logistics services in 1999. In 2009, Diethelm Vietnam Co., Ltd. changed its name to DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd.

DKSH Vietnam helps companies to grow their business in existing markets and expand into new ones by offering comprehensive and customizable Market Expansion Services along the entire value chain, including sourcing, market analysis and research, marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, as well as after-sales services. DKSH Vietnam’s integrated and tailor-made services deliver seamless end-to-end solutions to its business partners. Its Market Expansion Services are aimed at top and bottom-line growth, increasing market share, penetration and coverage as well as reducing fixed costs and complexity.
DKSH uses the term “client” to describe the manufacturers and brand owners who exclusively outsource their marketing, sales and/or distribution to DKSH, while the term “customer” refers to those whom DKSH sells its products to. To date, DKSH Vietnam represents more than 300 clients and services more than 130,000 customers. In Vietnam, DKSH is active in all four of the business units of the DKSH Group, namely Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Technology and Performance Materials. DKSH Vietnam’s clients are usually multinational and also large local, manufacturers and brand owners who want to expand their business in Vietnam, entrusting DKSH Vietnam to support and represent them in achieving this goal.

There are several factors which set DKSH apart from its competitors. Firstly, it has unparalleled regional sales and distribution coverage as well as industry and local markets knowledge. Being a subsidiary of a publicly listed company on the Swiss Stock Exchange, DKSH Vietnam also has a very solid financial standing, full transparency and meets compliance standards with the most stringent regulatory, corporate governance and code of ethics requirements.
In its business dealings, DKSH Vietnam helps supply well-known and top-quality brands and products, accompanied with its international quality standard services, to Vietnamese people and businesses across the whole country. In addition to that, DKSH Vietnam invests in state-of-the-art infrastructure and hires and trains thousands of employees working in 22 different locations across Vietnam, thereby significantly contributing to the development of local communities.

DKSH Vietnam has been continuously adapting and doing business despite numerous changes in political and economic crises, wars and natural disasters, whilst at the same time advancing itself in new technologies and satisfying consumers’ tastes and new trends. This shows the resilience of its business model and the sustainability of its approach to doing business. As Asian and Vietnamese consumers become increasingly affluent and adapt to a more urban lifestyle, the trend of convenience is starting to shape the retail landscape. To match consumer demands and make shopping more convenient, it is crucial to have real-time insights to drive growth by dynamically adapting its products and services. Asia is the world’s largest hub and among the fastest-growing regions for e-commerce. The speed of digital technology in Asia is moving at an exponential rate. To keep up with this trend, DKSH Vietnam has been investing heavily in omni-channel integration, especially its own e-commerce platforms and teams to enable an increased convenience and business-to-consumer business.

DKSH Vietnam conducts its business taking into consideration the interests and needs of its stakeholders. Among others, DKSH Vietnam commits to sustainability by practicing corporate governance, complying with laws and regulations, minimizing impact on the environment and supporting the local communities that it operates in. DKSH Vietnam also runs different corporate responsibility (CR) programs with well-selected partners. For example, in 2017, DKSH Vietnam collaborated with Mai Nha, an orphanage in Thien Nghiep, a rather poor and rural community located in Binh Thuan province, to organize many meaningful activities, contribute to build homes and provide education to hundreds of children in the region. DKSH Vietnam also collaborated with the Heart Institute of Vietnam supporting in providing heart surgery to unfavoured children. DKSH Vietnam pledges to continue investing in these meaningful activities for the people of Vietnam.
As a place of work, DKSH Vietnam offers a dynamic growth environment and a unique work culture. Employees have the chance to learn about different areas that go beyond their current roles. In fact, employees are encouraged to rotate their positions and responsibilities. With these opportunities, employees can take charge of many new tasks at work, take on different roles and even be involved in projects that reach different markets and regions.

Keeping in mind that employees are the key asset and success enabler, DKSH Vietnam is dedicated to empowering its employees to grow professionally and aims to attract and retain top talent. To this end, DKSH Vietnam established the DKSH Fantree Academy, its own in-house training and development center. The DKSH Fantree Academy uses customized programs to provide learning opportunities based on its unique, DKSH-specific content. Moreover, it provides a platform for networking, sharing best practices and reinforcing DKSH Vietnam’s corporate culture. The DKSH Fantree Academy provides diversified programs under two main categories: leadership and skills. The leadership programs focus on developing core leadership competencies required at different levels of seniority, while the skills programs support employees in further developing specific competencies relevant to their respective functions and areas of development.

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