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Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

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Cyclect demonstrates that it is possible to succeed beyond the markets SMEs usually operate in. It is an organization which believes in running towards the opportunities that its competitors run away from. As a result, its teams are expanding and finding success beyond the markets the company usually operates in. 

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Cyclect Electrical Engineering

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Engineering success the Cyclect way.

Cyclect Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd is a B2B business providing engineering and technical solutions to owners and contractors to engineer, build and maintain complex systems to meet evolving challenges in the market. The company engineers and deploys solutions for a cross section of industry and infrastructure, including engineering and construction, integrated facilities management (IFM), and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, energy solutions, automation and robotics, and the sale and distribution of electrical, mechanical, process controls, instrumentation and automation products.
In a highly competitive marketplace Cyclect differentiates its value proposition by strategic diversification, deep skills and knowledge, and delighting clients via responsive, effective customer care. It keeps its finger on the pulse of market demands by responding astutely to regulatory and market changes, and engaging with policy makers.

As employers Cyclect places great importance on developing staff and empowering them to grow together with the company. Ample opportunities are created for job ownership, impact measurement and visibility, with learning and development being essential components of the organization. The company has mandated annual budgets for training its over 700 staff members, to ensure their ability to deliver the services the company promises. 

To this end BCA technical courses, Contract Law, Google Digital Marketing, upgrading courses for ISO (9001, OHSAS, 14001), Business Continuity Program (BCM 22301), and various Skillsfuture courses are all part of the training ecosystem. External and internal technical training programs are also offered to qualify teams for work in some sectors.

Apart from being good business practitioners, Cyclect believes companies must be good corporate social citizens. The company’s belief that education should not be only for the privileged has resulted in it supporting various local and overseas institutions in their efforts to promote education. Collaborating with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Cyclect has sponsored students with its Cyclect Book Prize since 2016, and hosts dozens of interns from various polytechnics and ITE to inspire them in the engineering industry. In Batam, Cyclect sponsors classrooms, equipment, provides trainers and hosts internships to over 40 students annually in their secondary schools.
The engineering powerhouse also believes in the sustainability of development efforts. It recycles based on ISO 14001 guidelines, uses solar as its renewable resource, and regularly reduces energy consumption in its efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse. The company has also built ten high efficiency power plants and helped reduce more than 16000 tons of CO2 annually for its clients through waste energy recycling. Since 2018, it has promoted waste to energy systems that take in waste in any form, processes it and recycles it in the form of useful energy. As Cyclect charts its course for the next five years, it notes that the world is becoming a more complex environment with trade wars, nationalism and protectionism. While ASEAN is presently a net beneficiary as investments flow in, Cyclect acknowledges that some of its global clients will be unfairly disadvantaged, leading to a reduction in investments in this region, as evidenced by the shrinking manufacturing output in Singapore in May 2019. Its strategy for this is to remain observant, and to be present in more industries locally and regionally to ensure sufficient pipelines for future business.

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