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CTOS Digital Berhad

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Commanding the Ranks

CTOS Digital Sdn Bhd dares to go beyond profit to refine the financial wellbeing of Malaysia.

CTOS Digital Sdn Bhd is a credit reporting agency (CRA) with over 30 years of data experience and was originally incorporated in Malaysia in 2014 under a different name. The public company’s subsidiaries are involved in the business of credit reporting, digital software related activities, software development, and outsourcing and training services as well as investment holding, with its associates engaged in similar lines of work.

CTOS Digital, which went public in 2021, serves key accounts, commercial clients, and direct-to-consumer clients, and provides credit information and analytics through digital solutions. Fundamentally helping consumers and businesses manage their credit health and enhance their financial literacy, the company now boasts over 1.3 million users and a database containing profiles of about 15 million consumers and 8 million companies and businesses.

As the ASEAN leader in its field, CTOS Digital developed an end-to-end digital credit management platform, with a fully-fledged ecosystem of quality solutions that support every stage of the customer lifecycle, such as eKYC. This system has ultimately become an integral part of some of its clients’ businesses, with some of their core business processes being completely reliant on its all-encompassing solutions in order to operate.

Today, CTOS Digital knocks its competitors out of the park not only through differentiated digital solutions, but also the quality and scope of its database, analytics capabilities, ease of integration with clients’ technology, service stability, customer relationships, innovation, and price. In fact, the CRA has recorded a market share in terms of revenue of over 71% in 2020 within Malaysia, with this number growing consistently as it continues to innovate.

Amongst the other factors that have contributed to CTOS Digital’s growth and success include the strategic expansion of its business through acquisitions and investments in complementary businesses and assets, an extensive distribution network and sales force alongside a well-trained after-sales support team, a diversified customer base which enables a wide-ranging income stream, broadening of its data sources, and expansion into new business verticals.

CTOS Digital also operates in a highly regulated environment, subject to regulatory oversight by the CRA Registrar and is under the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance. In regards to corporate governance, CTOS Digital operates strictly based on its anti-bribery and corruption commitment, its code of business conduct and ethics that bolsters a favourable and trusting environment, and high standards of transparency and accountability within the company.

Backed by a Malaysian mid-market equity fund group, CTOS Digital recognises a shift in consumer behaviour which was accelerated by COVID-19, and aims to refine real-time credit decisioning in its digital ecosystems as a response. Additionally, the CRA persists in adopting new technologies into its ecosystem in order to evolve, and asserts that further tailoring its solutions and developing new ones to accommodate its clients needs helps it do just that.

As an innovative tech company, CTOS Digital champions agility not only throughout its business but also internally. Aside from insurance coverage, medical benefits, and family insurance coverage, the company ascertains that its employees are primed for the needs of an increasingly digital business through learning and development programs that focus on functional upskilling, soft skills enhancement, and leadership progression.

CSR similarly takes precedence within CTOS Digital, with the company running its CTOS Financial Education Programme as well as its Knowledge Centre to drive financial education and inclusion, driving the provision of free MyCTOS Basic Reports, conducting financial education roadshows in partnership with government bodies and organisations, and disseminating financial education content from Multiply across its social media platforms. The CRA also supports SMEs by participating in talks and seminars, aside other initiatives and sponsorships.

Going beyond profit, CTOS Digital endeavours to be the catalyst for a more credit conscious nation in its aim to elevate the financial wellbeing and future for all Malaysians and the Malaysian economy. Being named amongst ACES’ Innovative Tech Companies of the Year further cements the company’s standing as a market leader and as a trustworthy Malaysian brand with regard to emboldening world-class credit management digital solutions.

“TM R&D flies the innovation flag high for Malaysia, allowing the nation to take its place in the Southeast Asian region as a credible player in IT exploratory research, co-creation with industry, and commercialisation.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

“To say that the organisation’s ultimate goal is to have its work serve humanity is one of the best examples of humanity and technological assimilation we have hitherto seen. The presence of strong female leadership is also to be lauded, especially since it has been proven via an increased innovation adoption rate, as well as operational cost savings.”

Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury, ACES Awards

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