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Industry Champions of the Year

Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Industry Champions of the Year



Coway has fused great technological innovation with great heart, making the corporation a stellar example of an industry champion which puts as much stead into its corporate citizenry as it does into its bottom line.

about Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

The way of the best

Coway champions better life through lifestyle. 

Established in 1989 in South Korea, Coway Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes household appliances. In 2006, Coway Co., Ltd. ventured into Malaysia by forming its subsidiary company, Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Coway has been dedicated to researching and developing environmental solutions, particularly in personal health and wellbeing. Through the years, it has helped more than one million families in Malaysia along the journey to drink, breathe, and sleep better with its water purifiers, air purifiers, bidet systems, as well as high quality mattresses.

In an effort to minimize its products’ impact on the environment, Coway has taken to developing products that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Its efforts gained local and international recognition, and Coway has been awarded Energy Winner Awards for 11 consecutive years. Held by Consumers Korea, Inc., Green Growth Korea, and Gwacheon National Science Museum since 1997, the Energy Winner Awards recognizes products with high energy efficiency and energy saving effects. Coway’s Self-Sterilising Water Purifier obtained Korea’s first Carbon Neutral Product Certification, leading efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and achieve low-carbon green growth.

In the highly competitive home appliance industry, Coway stands out in the crowd by customizing its products and services to cater to the different needs of the market or customers. Besides its high-quality products which are complemented by award-winning designs, Coway is also known for its excellent after-sales customer service and innovative rental scheme. In 2009, Coway Malaysia introduced the Coway Lady (Cody), a team of attentive and dedicated women who are always ready to assist customers with technical matters related to filter replacements and product maintenance. The Cody team is also responsible for providing the company with consumer insights to help improve the service or product quality provided to its customers. For instance, over the years, the Cody team has listened to the needs of the people while observing and analyzing every quirk, habit and detail unique to Malaysia. Their findings have culminated in the birth of water purifier OMBAK, the first-ever water purifier in the home appliances industry that is designed specifically for the residents of Malaysia.

Besides Cody, Coway Technicians assist customers with any requests regarding product reparation and relocation. Customers who purchase Coway mattresses get access to dedicated mattress care experts, Homecare Technicians, who will regularly clean their mattress for them. Coway offers the first-ever premium mattress rental with regular service in the market and it is part of their commitment to changing people’s lives for the better. 

Back in 2006, Coway launched an innovative rental scheme for its products, the first rental scheme for home appliance in Malaysia. Since then, rental schemes have slowly gained traction as the preferred choice of today’s consumers. With the rental scheme, customers are able to enjoy the full range of Coway products at a fixed monthly rental fee, making quality living affordable for everyone.

At Coway, recognition and accreditation from related certified bodies are important, as the company wishes to deliver only the best products and services to its customers. Currently, it is accredited by the following accreditation bodies: Halal status by JAKIM which provides assurance that products meet the stringent Islamic requirements for hygiene and sanitary conditions; Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal Product Certification signifying Coway as the most reliable and trusted producer of quality drinking water systems; NSF which independently tests, audits and certifies water and health science; ISO (TÜV SÜD) which is the world’s most popular quality management standard to certify quality products and services; and of course, all the energy regulation sector like SIRIM and SUruhanjaya Tenaga(Energy Commission).. 

Living up to its Healthy Environment, Happy People tagline, Coway’s first-ever corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was the Happy Water Project which was launched in 2017. The Happy Water Project aims to provide 1,000 Orang Asli (indigenous people and the oldest inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia) families and underprivileged communities with continuous access to clean water within five years. Since its inception, Coway has successfully helped 268 houses consisting of 395 families from 21 villages. On top of providing water filters and building a sustainable water source, Coway also uplifted their lives by educating them on the importance of hand and oral hygiene as well as eating a balanced diet. 

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Coway has stepped up to the plate and did its part in easing the burden on several groups of people. During the two-week Covid-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) period when there was a shortage of face masks, the company distributed face masks to the police.  

In addition to that, Coway donated 300 of its air purifiers to public hospitals across Malaysia designated to treat Covid-19 patients. The company also committed to making a monetary contribution of RM300,000 to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), via proceeds from the sales of its air purifiers to help the country combat the deadly virus. For the general public, the life-care company gave away 10,000 hand sanitizers and masks as Stay Safe kits to Grabfood riders and customers.

“Coway has fused great technological innovation with great heart, making the corporation a stellar example of an industry champion which puts as much stead into its corporate citizenry as it does into its bottom line.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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