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Industry Champions of the Year

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. 

Industry Champions of the Year


about Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. 

Bottling success

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc makes a difference every step of the process.

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) is the bottling arm of Coca- Cola in the Philippines, and is engaged in the manufacturing, production, sale, import and export of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Its current product portfolio includes 17 well-loved brands, including heritage brands such as Coke, Sprite, Royal, Wilkins, Viva, Real Leaf and Minute Maid, and newly-launched products such as Lemon-dou. 

Through its great people, great beverages, great execution and great partners, CCBPI works to fulfill its vision of delivering happy, refreshing, and memorable moments across the Philippines every day. CCBPI is as committed to being the number one consumer choice in the market categories where it competes, as it is in striving to leave a lasting positive impact in the communities it serves. It accomplishes this through implementing the highest sustainability standards for its processes and programs, which also work toward continuously strengthening partnerships with stakeholders. 

The company has a huge local footprint, operating 19 plants
and over 70 distribution centers, employing over 10,000 associates, and supporting and serving close to one million micro-retailers, as well as almost 6,000 customers. CCBPI generates over 70,000 opportunities across their value chain, and the goal is to grow this number even further–for every job produced by the Coca-Cola System in the Philippines, an estimated seven indirect jobs are created downstream. 

CCBPI is part of the Bottling Investment Group (BIG), The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC)-owned bottling operation. BIG’s operations are primarily focused on markets in Southeast Asia, India and Southwest Asia, covering 16 countries with 39 plants and 16,500 employees, serving 1.8 billion consumers. 

As the undisputed market leader in its category for a number of years, CCBPI can rightfully be characterized as an industry champion. Performing at best-in-class levels, setting the industry performance benchmark and being a credible advocate for sustainable industry growth and welfare are some of the traits that CCBPI has espoused throughout its four decades in operations.

Since early 2020, from when the first wave of Covid-19 lockdowns came into effect across the country, CCBPI has learned much, and has made strategic adjustments to how it operates, communicates and serves. Having no playbook for how to react and for what it needed to do, what the corporation was most certain about was that every decision that had to be made needed to be anchored to their People First commitment. 

Working with that parameter, CCBPI immediately set out to protect and support their 10,000 people, MSME partners and the communities it serves. Through their People First commitment, the organization has been able to adapt and quickly respond to external factors. Over the last 20 months, business continued to grow despite the pandemic, aided by the embracing of a growth mindset, and a commitment to working hard to build a winning culture alongside heightened safety nets. 

As Covid-19 continues to test the rest of the world, CCBPI has demonstrated a passionate and defiant performance. Business results have defied the odds, and broken all past performance records. However, the corporation recognizes the long road ahead, and are cognizant of the what yet needs to be done as CCBPI pursues its 2025 Growth Ambition. 

Given all this, the bottling giant fully believes that their biggest achievement in the past year was that it did not leave anyone behind. CCBPI protected the jobs of their over 10,000 associates and looked after one another. Aptly put, “The real secret formula of our success: our people.”

The bottling arm of Coca-Cola has been on a continuous transformation journey, and with each change, its organizational structure and culture has evolved. Restructuring has covered aspects such as the talent pipeline, job value proposition, organizational confidence, capability to win and business performance; resulting in a dynamically evolving organization. 

As CCBPI took on the organization in 2018, it also had to confront and work through external challenges, such as the Sweetened Beverages Tax (TRAIN) that increased prices by 30 percent; perennial sugar shortages and crises that impinged operations. In the past 20 months alone, it had to weather natural calamities such as the Taal eruption, countless typhoons, earthquakes and most devastatingly, the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Yet, CCBPI is committed to a long-term vision of growth, and being a strong partner of the Philippines as it moves toward stable economic recovery. It remains confident in its ability to continue gaining market share and consumer preference, alongside the steadfast commitment to support the Philippines’ economic recovery. To this end, they have intensified investments in their operations and built a stronger foundation for future growth. 

CCBPI’s total 2020 investment, amounting to over $95M (approx. PHP 4.75B), was support that was crucial amid the challenges of the pandemic. In 2021, CCBPI poured in $63M (approximately PHP 3.06B) into local investments. This funded further operational expansion and contributed to countrywide economic recovery efforts, through the generation of more livelihood opportunities for Filipinos, in addition to the continued job security of its over 10,000 employees across the Philippines. 

Through the challenges, CCBPI continues to take the lead on the industry’s most pressing issues, including sustainability through pioneering investments and world-class initiatives. Doing business in the right and sustainable way remains a key part of its business practices, and despite the challenges of the pandemic, CCBPI has continued to prioritize sustainability initiatives. 

The behemoth has invested heavily on a bottle-to-bottle food grade recycling facility as a joint venture with Indorama Ventures—a global leader in recycling technologies. They also developed a program called “Tapon to Ipon” (“from waste to savings”) which not only encouraged proper collection and recycling of used clear PET bottles, but has also supported the MSME sector as it partners with traditional trade outlets to become collection hubs. Additionally, the company  has bid farewell to the iconic green Sprite bottles, replacing them with clear ones for ease of recycling. With this move, CCBPI is now a producer of 100 percent recyclable beverage PET bottles.

The corporation’s hope in winning ACES 2022 is that its industry colleagues, particularly in the FMCG sector, would also be inspired and emboldened to step up to the plate in imagining, and then achieving, greater things.

“Being number one is easier than staying number one. Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. knows this, and it continually pushes through excellence at every strata of its operations, resulting in a game plan which benefits employees, customers and final consumers. It is a well deserved win for a corporation of great caliber!”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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