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“Cho Thavee Dollasien places strong emphasis on after sales service activities, and frequent customer correspondence in order to underscore the company’s willingness to go the extra mile for its clients. ”

Cho Thavee Dollasien Public Company Limited was established in 1994 and is a leader in the design and manufacture of truck bodies and trailers from Germany. The company designs, manufactures and assembles vehicle bodies as well as installing engineering systems in truck bodies, trailers and commercial transportation vehicles. It has a 300-company customer base, with approximately 100 active customers yearly. Its customers come from the Asian region, the Middle East and Oceania.
While it cites competition from lower-standard Chinese products as its key challenge, it believes that research and development is the way to address those challenges. As such, personnel skills are enhanced, alongside product developments, with a ten-year long-term plan developed to help weather the storms of change.

Part of its R&D outcomes is being able to offer its clients unique designs in accordance with customer requirements. The company is also proactive in its reaction to market changes, designing surveys for its clients to suss out their requirements. Cho Thavee Dollasien also places strong emphasis on after sales service activities, and frequent customer correspondence in order to underscore the company’s willingness to go the extra mile for its clients. As a forward-looking company, Cho Thavee Dollasien’s mission is to become the company at top-of-mind recall for clients seeking truck manufacturing. It also strives to make the CHO brand synonymous with environmentally friendly products, sustainability and safety, with friendly user interfaces suited to a variety of tasks.

As a people-centric organisation, Cho Thavee Dollasien also seeks to offer job satisfaction and happiness to its employees, and to turn exceptional profits to its stakeholders. In keeping with the latter sentiment, the company is striving to exceed income from project management and services by one third in comparison to the current profit levels. It also aspires to receive a National Innovation Agency award by the year 2018 to cement its position as new technology developers.
On the corporate social responsibility front, Cho Thavee Dollasien appointed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Board of Directors in July 2014, with the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer acting as the drivers for its sustainability movement. To ensure the well-being of its employees, the company has also appointed Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Nomination and Compensation Committees.

As a leading Thai SME, the company believes that it can succeed beyond the markets it normally operates in if enough development and improvements are made, in keeping with its ten-year plan. As it expands, it believes that being a larger entity will not cause it to lose its competitive edge. What the company sees most crucial in the next five years of operations is expansion as Cho Thavee Dollasien believes Thai economic expansion to be the key to ensuring the Asian region’s growth and profitability.
region, which took advantage of the fact that Megamas’ operations were, at one time, entirely focused in Brunei Darussalam. This was overcome by the company building up their marketing department, continually emphasising their quality training at competitive prices, and promoting Megamas as a transparent and beneficial training partner.

Megamas now trains outside Brunei; delivering courses in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. Megamas also ensures all instructors have attended Train the Trainer courses. In addition, all offshore and HSE instructors have obtained OPITO Competence Assessor qualifications. The defensive driving instructors are all RoSPA-approved, with material handling instructors all LEEA-approved.

As a forward-thinking corporation, Megamas acknowledges that business could potentially be affected by the fluctuations in oil prices and Brunei’s oil production. In addition, increasing competition from the startup of new training providers also pose a threat to the business in Brunei. Measures taken to balance out these threats include plans to start up business in other countries, in particular Singapore and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

As models of good governance, Megamas believes that companies need to invest in the quality, motivation and experience of their front line supervisors, and truly build up a strong management culture which is grounded in good leadership and commitment. It also stresses recognition, reward and consequence management based on the provision of clear responsibilities and the elimination of a culture of blame.

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