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about China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited

“A Giant of the Seas”

CMPort has many strengths and they include its worldwide locations, container throughput, market share, comprehensive port development, asset utilisation, and environmental, social and governance performance.

Established in 1992, China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (CMPort) is a global leading port developer, investor and operator, with a comprehensive ports network at the hub locations along coastal China, as well as South Asia, Africa, Americas, Oceania, Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, amongst others. Its business operations include port operations, bonded logistics operations and other operations.

As a comprehensive port operator with the network involving 42 ports in 25 counties covering six continents, CMPort has delivered container throughput of over 136.53 million TEUs and bulk cargo throughput of 547 million tons with world-class efficiency.

CMPort was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1992 and is a subsidiary of its parent China Merchants Group (CMG) which is a state-owned backbone enterprise headquartered in Hong Kong.

A Leader in the Industry

CMPort’s strategic vision is to be “a world’s leading comprehensive port service provider with high quality”. Based on the dual-wheel drive model of “endogenous growth” and “innovation & upgrade”, it strives to create a comprehensive port service system with stronger innovation and higher added value. 

Earning a reputation for itself across the industry through years of operating and providing outstanding and reliable services to all its customers, CMPort is well known for, and has proven itself on, its self-developed global leading ports operating system and integrated logistics management platform for import and export, its extensive maritime logistics support system, its modern and all-rounded integrated logistics solutions, and its quality engineering management.  

As the core objective of the company is to seek more returns for its shareholders and become a “world’s leading comprehensive port service provider with high quality”, it stays committed to its mission of leading the development of the industry and adheres to its customer-centric and market-oriented principles to serve as an industry role model. It also actively assumes its responsibilities to the employees, customers, shareholders, the society and the environment. 

Competitive Strengths 

CMPort derives its competitive strengths from six areas. They are homebase ports, overseas business, comprehensive development, innovation, capital operation, operation management, and marketing and commerce. 

While improving its collection and transportation system, and expanding its network of combined seaports and inland dry ports, the company’s customer service team works with various subordinate units to formulate service strategies, such as “customised services” that focus on large cargo owners with large cargo volumes, strong representation of product types and strong influence on route connection, to provide “one-stop” services with a view to enhance customer stickiness.

Building World-Class Leading Ports 

From way back, CMPort has been adopting the “Port-Park-City” model to turn its home base in Shekou, Western Shenzen from a fishing village into a modernized city.  

This is to adhere to its strategic objective of “building world-class leading ports” to further improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the West Shenzhen homebase port as a world-class port.

From here, two strategic port projects arose, namely: (1) the Mawan Smart Port and (2) the Coordinated Port Project to further accelerate the development of the Trade-Finance Eco System and the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area region.  

At the same time, the company is strenghtening the integrated operation of its overseas homebase ports in (3) Sri Lanka, with a view to developing the Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) and the Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG) into an international shipping centre in the South Asia region.  

     1. Mawan Smart Port Achievement and Accreditation

When CMPort actively started exploring model innovations to build an innovation-driven development platform in Mawan in Western Shenzen, China, it accelerated industrial digitalization to facilitate the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s first 5G-enabled Mawan Smart Port.

Featuring a fleet of autonomous trucks using digital perception radar sensor solutions from US-digital imaging specialist Uhnder and China’s Yunshan Technologies, the digital perception radar ensures trucks arrive in correct position, to within 5cm, for automated container movement between the ship and storage or departure areas, and safe truck operation even in rain, fog or dust. 

Mawan Smart Port, which covers 983,600sq meters and a wharf length of 1.93km, owns the capacity of docking the world’s largest container ships. Designed with throughput capacity of three million TEUs each year, it features nine other elements. 

These elements are CMCore, a terminal operating system developed by CMPort, China Merchants ePort, CMPort’s integrated customer service platform, blockchain, 5-G applications, artificial intelligence and low-carbon emissions. 

The Mawan Smart Port project which began construction in 2015, started operations in 2021. Its key technology for the digitalisation and intelligent transformation of container terminals was awarded the 2022 Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements by the Ministry of Transport of China.

     2. The Co-ordinated Port Project

Building on the Mawan Smart Port, the Co-ordinated Port Project focuses on digital optimisation of infrastructure and uses innovative cost-efficient applications to address major infrastructural and service challenges in ports. Through the comprehensive use of blockchain, big data, AI, cloud computing and other technological empowerment, this project, together with Mawan Smart Port has achieved 30% improvement in comprehensive operation efficiency, 30% higher efficiency in customs clearance, 50% reduction in construction cost on automatic terminal building, 50% reduction in safety hazards, 90% reduction of carbon emissions and 10 billion yean in social and economic benefits.

     3. Sri Lanka Ports

As for the Sri Lanka Ports, the company has promoted the South Asian Commercial and Logistics Hub CICT and developed the unique competitiveness of its comprehensive services of “port and logistics”.  As for HIPG, it has strengthened market expansion and experienced significant growth in roll-on/roll-off, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel oil, and other transshipment businesses.  

On the Horizon in the Future

With the global economy foreseen to enter a slowdown phase normalizing the growth rate of global maritime container volumes, CMPort recognizes that technological innovation and green and low-carbon transformation will bring new opportunities to ports. CMPort will seize these opportunities and spare no effort to set off a new development journey and improve digitalization, marketisation, internationalization, platformisation and intellectualization to realize the strategic goal of becoming a “world’s leading comprehensive port service provider with high quality”.

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