Caroline L. Tanchay

CEO and President

Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation


Eminent Leaders in Asia

Caroline L. Tanchay

Eminent Leaders in Asia


CEO and President

Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation

about Caroline L. Tanchay

Driving the Economy with the Power of Metal

Through responsible mining, Caroline Tanchay solves the needs of her community and her country in the present time and for the future.   

The Philippines, which has some of the largest nickel resources, is one of the top nickel-producing countries in the world today. The 100% recyclable, non-corrosive metal is used in more than 300,000 products in tools and machinery required in agriculture, infrastructure, energy, buildings, and vehicles. Most notably, nickel is the invaluable component in lithium-ion battery cathodes used in Electric Vehicles (EV), mobile phones and computers. 

Nickel reserves and mining are therefore of growing interest to the global manufacturing industry, and through exports, the metal makes a huge contribution to the economic development of a country.  

Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation (CMDC) in Palawan, Philippines ─ under the stewardship of Caroline L Tanchay who is the President and CEO ─ is one of approximately 15 nickel mining companies in the Philippines. CMDC, which has been in operations since 2011, is one of the pioneer mining companies and is among the top five nickel producers in the country. 

Mining Milestones 

Through the years, CMDC has been able to achieve many milestones. They include: reaching profitability in their first year of operations, getting a return on investment by the third year, gaining authority in the industry, becoming the most credible and trustworthy company in the industry and Caroline herself, winning the political party-list that she is representing in Congress in the 2022 elections in the province where CMDC is operating.

Social & Environmental Sustainability through Responsible Mining

Caroline began creating awareness and advocating responsible mining in a more transparent way. Through ISO Certifications, partnering with the local government, implementing socio economic and environmental programmes, holding mining and geological skills and safety training, environmental protection training as well as seminars to further educate employees, the company showed through their actions, their honest management of the business, nature and the community and gained their people’s trust and respect in return. 

Giving Back to Society

“This is why CMDC gives great importance to social responsibility and community relationships. We do not only take care of our core stakeholders such as customers, employees and owners, we equally believe that our businesses should give back to society as well,” she says.


“We prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes which not only help society but also help to look after their welfare in terms of medical needs, health care, education and livelihood programmes.”

Social development and sustainability are among CMDC’s goals and pillars. Along with the company’s economic contributions through revenues, employment and the multipliers it generates, sustainability is the core value that is translated through the company’s CSR programmes.

Centred on health, education, livelihood, socio-cultural and infrastructure, they include: 

  1. Providing a 38-million pesos (PHP38,000,000) level three water system project delivering potable water system to eighteen barangays (community or village) in the municipality of Narra, province of Palawan.
  2. Construction of farm to market roads and road concreting projects.
  3. Renewable energy using solar power and lights.
  4. Providing ambulance, fire trucks, and other transport vehicles to communities.
  5. Giving educational assistance and scholarship to thousands of university students.
  6. Donating 20,000 sacks of 50kgs rice as aid to different municipalities in Palawan every year.
  7. Donating millions worth of  vitamins and supplements and other Covid-related health and safety products to different local government units during the pandemic.
  8. Construction of computer laboratories, covered courts, birthing homes, barangay outposts, barangay roads, health station, day care centres, tribal halls, upgrading of school classrooms, multi-purpose halls, chapels, among others.
  9. Holding livelihood programmes and workshops such as livestock raising, weaving, mud crab fattening.
  10. Sponsorship of local festivals promoting socio-cultural traditions.

Other CSR and environmental efforts include conducting regular river clean-up to prevent river rise during heavy rains, conducting tree-planting of thousands of trees, ensuring bio diversity and wildlife habitat conservation and all-round forest and mine rehabilitation. 

Creation of Jobs and Livelihood

CMDC employs up to 2000 workers, many of whom are Bachelor of Science graduates and professionals as well as skilled workers such as mechanical and electrical engineers, mining and safety engineers, licensed foresters, chemists, nurses and accountants.

Given the many job opportunities CMDC provides and the multiplying effect that each job creates for the larger community, no wonder Caroline says her employees view CMDC as their source of strength and security.

Not only does responsible mining improve the standard of living for the community, nickel production also helps the Philippines push for economic progress and global competitiveness.

“Caroline Tanchay has made Citinickel Mines one of the most credible, respected and trustworthy companies in the industry simply because she has shown that responsible mining, environmental protection and socio-economic development can exist side by side harmoniously. She stops at nothing in helping to enrich the lives of her community and takes extreme care in rehabilitating and rejuvenating the lands she has worked on, while contributing extensively to the GDP of her country.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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