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Capnomed has humanized the face of the cancer patient, and is pulling out all stops in search of a superior treatment plan for the disease

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Revolutionizing cancer treatment

German medical device firm races to provide alternative treatments to treat cancer

Capnomed GmbH is a medical device and pharmaceutical drugs supplier specializing in oncology. The medical devices are supplied to most parts of the world, with several pharma candidates in clinical phases. The treatment called PIPAC (Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy) is performed using Capnomed’s uniquely designed, patented, single-use device – CapnoPen® bringing hope to millions of cancer patients worldwide. The company head office, production unit and research facilities are located in Germany. The company believes in pioneering innovative technologies for greater health and quality of life. At Capnomed, technical expertise of medical devices (engineering) and drug carriers (pharma) are combined to develop modern-era cancer treatment. At the core of their success is a team of engineers, pharma scientists and regulatory experts.

Capnomed has focused its efforts on the development of innovative processes involving medical aerosols and an array of drug delivery platforms to target cancer. Their medical device helps to administer anticancer drugs into the peritoneal cavity. Currently, standard chemotherapy is the cornerstone of cancer treatment in the medical field. Capnomed’s product hopes to take cancer treatment to the next level with the aid of their products. Capnopen® is designed to control the size of drops, spray angles, flow rate for efficient and localized administration of drugs. Patients benefiting from this new treatment typically suffer from advanced gastric, colorectal and ovarian cancers that have spread or originated in the peritoneum. Peritoneal cancers are difficult to treat satisfactorily using currently available treatments such as systemic chemotherapy, radiation etc. They pose a high financial burden, mental and physical stress to patients. In contrast, PIPAC procedure performed using CapnoPen® offers a quick, easy, safe administration of medical drugs at cancer target site, exhibiting significant improvement in the quality of life of patients and low side effects compared to standard chemotherapy.

The corporation will continue to enter new markets like Asia, Middle East over the space of the next five years, but is cognizant of the fact that before entering any market, country specific regulatory procedures need to be completed, with extensive research and development needing to be executed prior to the implementation of the technology. Capnomed is currently expanding in Asia and supplying its technology to leading medical centers in the region. Singapore is the first Asian country to adopt PIPAC in Asia by engaging in clinical trials. Alongside, Capnomed is rapidly expanding in other Asian countries like India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand or Philippines. Capnomed is committed in bridging scientific and technical knowledge between East and West to bring the state-of-the-art cancer treatment options to Asian populations. 

Prof. Jimmy So from National University of Singapore confirms the urgent need for better cancer treatment options: “Peritoneal carcinomatosis is a common advanced cancer with poor prognosis. PIPAC is a novel technique to deliver chemotherapy more effectively to the peritoneum. We introduced PIPAC to Asia in 2016. Together with Capnomed, we continue to develop PIPAC through scientific research and education.” 

The German pharma device creators have made their marks in more than 45+ countries and have completed nearly 10,000 medical applications. In the full understanding that revolutionary products take time, Capnomed is committed to the long haul, and counting on tireless efforts of sales, marketing, research and development teams behind the product. 

Capnomed is striving to deliver hope for these patients across continents by providing choices that will bring more benefit and improve quality of life. The corporation understands that cancer is already a tough battle to fight, and is fully committed to bring well-tolerated, minimally invasive, less painful and more effective options to treat cancer.  

“Capnomed has humanized the face of the cancer patient, and is pulling out all stops in search of a superior treatment plan for the disease”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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