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Chairing a health revolution.

Boeffi brings wellness to Brunei.

A relatively new player to the home health and wellness market, Boeffi International (B) Sdn Bhd (Boeffi), started business merely two and half years ago. The company, spearheaded by Wong Kim Guan, has made enormous headway into the market since then.

Proudly recognized as Brunei’s number one wellness brand, Boeffi has achieved an impressive sales record coupled with extensive brand awareness over just a short period of time. Currently servicing over 4,000 customers nationwide, they achieved a total sale of 1,000 units of massage chairs in their first year of business alone.

With their mission to create a better home for every Bruneian, Boeffi has introduced a series of quality products that consist of home care health and wellness items that help people relax and feel good. Targeting a wide audience base, their customers are those prioritizing wellness, and who usually fall between the 21 to 60 year old age group.

Boeffi is the first company in the Brunei market to offer a ‘rent-to-own’ plan and Boeffi Care Service, which is a periodic service plan within the warranty for their massage chairs and fitness products. With this, customers are able to own massage chairs through the affordable payment plans, complete with servicing value.

Boeffi’s growth over the last two and a half years in operations has been marked by a few significant milestones. Beginning humbly with just two featured products, they have since grown their product line to ten products at present. Apart from concentrating on broadening the customer base, the company has also focused on expansion of the business. This has resulted in a total of six branches being opened throughout Brunei, within a period of just a year.

Disclosing some of the initial challenges faced when starting the business, Wong says he struggled with the development of products, growing of the brand, as well as employee development. Overcoming the obstacles surely but steadily, Boeffi started gaining traction in the marketplace. 

A key factor that helped catapult the business for Boeffi was the constant emphasis on employee development and training. As their employees started to align with the company’s vision and mission, Boeffi quickly found their footing and has not looked back since. They currently employ a workforce of 46 people.

Wong, who holds a Bachelors in International Business from Bond University, credits his years of working experience for the solid business principles that he now practices. Inspired by his businessman father, he learnt to seize any opportunity by taking action; and believes that execution triumphs over strategy when it comes to success in business. Following his father’s footsteps, Wong demonstrates grit and tenacity when faced with challenges and thrives on self-belief coupled with hard work.

Driven by his belief that businesses are formed to serve a purpose, Wong feels that it is important that the business continues to bring positive impact to people and the environment. As such, the culture at Boeffi is to be constantly mindful of the importance of bringing change to the health appliance industry.

Citing one of his role models, Chatri Sityodtong, the founder of One Championship, Wong believes “we are all works in progress. No one is perfect. The most important thing is to keep learning, growing, and evolving every day.” Wong notes that the biggest asset to the business is his aspirations as an entrepreneur. He believes that the potential in the industry is a hundred times bigger than what it is today because it is about bringing about positive impact to people’s health. 

Wong hopes to achieve enough to be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs and continue his passion in business, not just as a serial entrepreneur but as a mentor to others.

“ The concept of massage chairs is not a new thing in Southeast Asia, but it took Boeffi’s bundling of product and service of said product to shake up the Brunei market, and begin a wellness renaissance of sorts.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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