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Expansions, Acquisitions, and an Unrivaled Brand of Service

AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. capitalizes on product diversification to stay ahead of the curve.

Also known as ALLHC, AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. is a leading developer and operator of industrial parks and real estate logistics facilities in the Philippines. Amongst its business lines include real estate and property development of industrial states, and the leasing of dry warehouses, cold storage facilities and commercial centers.

Leveraging on a diversified product portfolio, a firm command of market supply and demand across various industrial real estate segments, and future-forward growth strategies, ALLHC has not only managed to secure a first-mover advantage against its competitors, but also continues to strengthen its dominance within the sunrise industry by capitalizing on emerging market opportunities and keeping its products anchored on the New Economy.

ALLHC was first incorporated as Philippine Orion Properties, Inc. in May 1989 as an investment holding company and has come a long way since. Today, the company owns 5 industrial parks within the country, with its first one, Laguna Technopark, housing 270 locator-companies. Additionally, there are 46 lessees of local and global markets across its 5 dry warehouse sites, and over 1000 retail merchants and office tenants within its 2 commercial centers.

As with all businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic had amplified ALLHC’s key risks, with 2 of its main challenges being marginalization by its competitors and financial adequacy in order to fund its short- and long-term growth. Aside from ensuring competitive pricing across its products and developments and ascertaining the quality of its customer service, the company also sets the seal on judicious management of its cash flows and expenditures to address these risks.

In staying steadfast against similar adversities, ALLHC continues building up its assets through expansions and acquisitions, and remains differentiated by way of its locations. Not only are its industrial parks and warehouse facilities located in key growth centers with strategic adjacent infrastructure, its commercial centers are stationed in high-traffic centers within Metro Manila. Being a part of the Ayala Group of Companies also signifies conveying the Ayala brand of service.

Evidently, these strategies have culminated in major milestones. ALLHC launched 2 new industrial parks in 2019 and in 2020, celebrated the 30th anniversary of Laguna Technopark, one of the country’s first privately-owned industrial estates which covers 471 hectares. 2021 subsequently marked the company’s entry into cold logistics with the acquisition of 2 cold storage facilities, despite having no prior experience in operating such facilities.

Moving forward, ALLHC targets to build a national footprint through key areas across the country by 2025. The business aims to grow its presence from 5 to 10 key areas, increase its warehouse gross leasable area (GLA) to 500,000 sqm, and create new business platforms. Guaranteeing a strong financial position and a consistent refinement of its business activities will also advance its stature within the industry.

Apart from its business engagements, ALLHC heavily invests in building long-term value for its workforce as well as the communities where they are present. To that end, many learning and development programs across diverse topics have been rolled out to employees for capacity building. The company also creates significant impact in the communities by engaging in many initiatives, such as support for Missionaries of Charity and for livelihood programs.

On winning the ACES Awards as one of Asia’s Leading SMEs, ALLHC hopes to be recognized as a responsible and resilient business alongside Ayala Land and Ayala Corporation, which were previous ACES Awards winners. This award thus affirms ALLHC’s outstanding competence as an independent operator with a sustainable business model that is primed for limitless growth.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them instead. Despite being in a relatively new industry, AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. has propelled its steady growth by capitalizing on a diversified product portfolio – a silver bullet that gives the SME a winning advantage over its peers. It surely is a rightful win other players can most definitely learn from.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

“Business momentum is the impetus that drives a company’s growth, and AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. certainly shows no signs of slowing down. Entering new and unknown segments puts significant risks on any corporation, but ALLHC has demonstrated indisputable resilience throughout as it continues to build upon its successes.”

Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury, ACES Awards

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